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All abstracts by Ken Buesseler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) InFORMing Perceived Risks from Fukushima Through Scientific Engagement from Data Collection to Social Media
Cullen J, Kellogg J, Buesseler K, Chen J, Cooke M, Frank E, Gurney-Smith H, Mercier J-F, Velazquez S, Smith J & Trudel M

(2019) Diagnosing Export Pathways in the Biological Pump: A First Look at Sediment Trap Data from the EXPORTS North Pacific Field Campaign
Estapa M, Durkin C, Omand M & Buesseler K

(2018) Thorium Isotopes as Tracers of the Biological Carbon Pump in the Arctic
Black E, Charette M, Lam P, Anderson R, Kipp L, Xiang Y, Vivancos S & Buesseler K

(2017) Submarine Groundwater Discharge: A Hidden Pathway of Fukushima Derived Cesium to the Ocean off Japan
Sanial V, Buesseler K, Charette M, Nagao S, Tanaguchi M, Honda H & Casacuberta N

(2017) Evolution of Surface Concentrations of 90Sr and 137Cs Through 2016 from the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Accident
Kenyon J, Buesseler K, Casacuberta N, Castrillejo M, Otosaka S, Drysdale J, Pike S & Diaz X

(2016) Trace of the Fukushima-Derived Cs in the North Pacific
Macdonald A, Yoshida S, Jayne S, Rypina I & Buesseler K

(2016) Fukushima Cs Pathway in the Western North Pacific
Yoshida S, Macdonald A, Jayne S, Rypina I & Buesseler K

(2016) Surface Concentrations of 90Sr, 129I, and Actinides Measured in Coastal Waters off Japan 2-3 Years after the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Accident
Casacuberta N, Castrillejo M, Christl M, Vockenhuber C, Juan X, Synal H-A, Masqué P & Buesseler K

(2016) What are the Main Sources of Fukushima-Derived Radionuclides to the Ocean off Japan Fiver Years Later ?
Sanial V, Buesseler K, Charette M, Castrillejo M, Henderson P, Juan Diaz X, Kanda J, Masque P, Nagao S, Nishikawa J, Otosaka S & Pike S

(2016) Fukushima and the Ocean- Five Years Later
Buesseler K, Dai M, Aoyama M, Benitez-Nelson C, Charmasson S, Delfanti R, Higley K, Maderich V, Masque P, Morris P, Oughton D & Smith J

(2016) Resuspension and Lateral Transport of Radiologically-Contaminated Seafloor Sediment off Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant
Honda M, Buesseler K, German C, Otosaka S, Black E, Kawakami H, Manganini S & Pike S

(2016) Thorium-234 Distribution along the Eastern Pacific GEOTRACES Transect and Implications for Export and Remineralization of Carbon and Trace Metals
Black E, Buesseler K, Pike S, Lam P & Charette M

(2015) Revisiting Radionuclide Sources at the Marshall Islands
Buesseler K, Charette M, Breier J, Pike S, Henderson P, Kipp L & Tradd K

(2014) Scavenging of Radionuclides and Elements in a Neutrally Buoyant Mid-Atlantic Ridge Hydrothermal Plume
Kipp L, Charette M, Buesseler K, Lam P, Ohnemus D & Moore W

(2014) Testing Models of Chemical Scavenging Using Th and Particle Data from GEOTRACES
Lerner P, Marchal O, Lam P, Buesseler K, Hayes C, Huang K-F & Lu Y

(2012) 236U in Seawater – Contaminant and Tracer
Henderson G, Belshaw N, Neely R, Thomas A, Holdship P & Buesseler K

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