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All abstracts by Yingchang Cao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Lithofacies Characteristics and Diagenetic Alteration in Permain Lucaogou Formation, Jimusar Sag, Junggar Basin
Lin M, Xi K & Cao Y

(2020) Geologic CO2 Storage in Arkosic Sandstones with CaCl2-rich Formation Water
Zan N, Cao Y, Wang Y & Yuan G

(2020) Chlorite Authigenesis and its Impact on Reservoir Quality in the Triassic Yanchang Formation Tight Sandstone Reservoirs, Southwestern Ordos Basin, China
Li K, Xi K, Cao Y & Wu S

(2018) Reactive Transport Modeling of Coupled Feldspar Dissolution and Secondary Mineral Precipitation and its Implication for Diagenetic Interaction in Sandstones
Yuan G, Cao Y & Wang Y

(2018) Pore Fluid Evolution, Distribution and Water-Rock Interactions of Carbonate Cements in Red-Bed Sandstone Reservoirs in the Dongying Depression, China
Wang J, Cao Y & Liu K

(2018) Genetic Mechanism of High Quality Sandstones Reservoirs in Permian of Koucun Buried Hill in Bohai Bay Basin, East China
Sun P, Cao Y & Yuan G

(2018) Diagenetic Variation at the Lamina Scale in Lacustrine Organic-Rich Shales: Implications for Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation
Liang C, Cao Y & Liu K

(2018) Characteristics and Origin of Carbonate Cements in Eastern Slope of Fukang Sag, Junggar Basin
Lin M, Wang Y, Cao Y & Xi K

(2016) Chemical and Mineral Speciation Using XRF, SEM-EDS and Synchrotron-Based CT Imaging
Liu K, Wang X, Cao Y & Yang S

(2014) The Glutenite Reservoir’s Lithofacies-Diagenetic Facies Assemblages and Geophysical Property of the Nearshore Subaqueous Fans in Bonan Sag
Zhang S, Cao Y, Zhu R & Wang Y

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