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All abstracts by Luiggi Dallai in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Carbonation of Serpentine Mine Tailing: The Example of Montecastelli Mine (Tuscany, Italy)
Boschi C, Dini A, Bedini F, Baneschi I, Natali C & Dallai L

(2013) High Temperature Alteration of the Gabbroic Oceanic Crust (Ligurian Ophiolites, Italy): Evidence for Hydrothermal-Magmatic Interactions
Tribuzio R, Renna MR, Dallai L & Zanetti A

(2013) Recycled Volatiles beneath the Western Antarctic Rift
Broadley M, Ballentine C, Dallai L & Burgess R

(2013) Holocene Climate Variability from Rio Martino Cave (Western Alps, Northern Italy)
Regattieri E, Zanchetta G, Isola I, Drysdale RN, Zanella E, Lanza R, Hellstrom J, Dallai L, Perrette Y, Couchoud I, Magny M, Vanniere B & Lanci L

(2013) Cold Marine Patagonia Waters and Stable Isotopes and Trace Elements from Quaternary Mollusk Shells
Consoloni I, Zanchetta G, Baneschi I, Dallai L, Guidi M, Tiepolo M & D'Orazio M

(2012) Continental Surface Temperatures Inferred from the Investigation of Fossil Hydrothermal Systems
Dallai L & Burgess R

(2012) Ultrapotassic Lava Flows from Colli Albani Volcanic District (Central Italy) Give Insights into the Crystallization of Magmatic Calcite in Effusive Rocks
Gozzi F, Gaeta M, Freda C, Mollo S, Di Rocco T, Marra F, Dallai L & Pack A

(2012) The Carbon Dioxide Mineral Sequestration Analogues: Examples from Tuscany (Italy)
Boschi C, Dallai L, Dini A, Baneschi I, Langone A, Cavallo A & Ruggieri G

(2011) The Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Xenoliths from Tallante (Southern Spain): Evidence for Crust Recycling into the Mantle
Dallai L & Bianchini G

(2011) Natural Analogue of CO2 Mineral Sequestration: The Tuscan Magnesite Deposits
Boschi C, Dallai L, Dini A & Ruggieri G

(2009) Water Contents in Pyroxenes of Intraplate Lithospheric Mantle
Bonadiman C, YanTao H, Coltorti M, Dallai L, Faccini B, Huang H & Xia Q

(2007) Possible Paleo-Climatic Record from Fossil Hydrothermal Systems in the Ross Sea Area, Antarctica
Dallai L & Burgess R

(2004) O and He Constraints on the Source of Cenozoic Primitive Magmas in West Antarctica
Nardini I, Armienti P, Rocchi S, Dallai L & Harrison D

(2004) Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of Pyroclastic Clinopyroxene Monitors crustal-CO2 Contributions to Roman-Type Ultrapotassic Magmas
Dallai L, Gaeta M & Freda C

(2003) The Onset of Hydrothermal Circulation in a Fossil Slow-Spreading Center (Northern Apennine Ophiolites, Italy)
Tribuzio R, Zanetti A & Dallai L

(2002) Cenozoic Magmas Monitor Climate Change in Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Dallai L, Ghezzo C & Longinelli A

(2002) U-Pb Geochronology from the Howard Peaks Intrusive Complex (Northern Victoria Land – Antarctica: New Evidence for Magmatic Age and U-Pb Resetting in Zircons
Bomparola RM, Dallai L, Belousova E, Ghezzo C, Griffin W & O'Reilly S

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