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All abstracts by John Stephen Daly in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) The Effect of Recycling on Provenance Determinations
Lancaster P, Tyrrell S, Daly JS & Storey C

(2012) Deciphering Sedimentary Recycling via Multiproxy in situ Analyses
Lancaster P, Tyrrell S & Daly JS

(2011) Xenoliths Reveal Lower Crustal Deformation and Metamorphism with no Obvious Surface Expression
Daly JS, Van den Berg R, Whitehouse M & O'Rourke H

(2009) Deep Crustal Xenoliths from the Scottish Midland Valley
Badenszki E, Daly S & Horstwood M

(2008) Zircon as Proxy of Magma Differentiation and Mixing in the Tuscan Magmatic Province (Italy)
Gagnevin D, Daly JS, Whitehouse M, Horstwood M & Kronz A

(2008) Paleodrainage Reconstruction Using Pb Isotopes in K-Feldspar Sand Grains: Examples from the NW European Triassic
Tyrrell S, Haughton P, Daly S, Souders K, Sylvester P & Kronz A

(2008) A Hafnium Isotopic Perspective on the Provenance and Tectonic Setting of Allochthonous Neoproterozoic Sedimentary Sequences in the North Atlantic Region
Daly JS, Kirkland C, Lam R & Sylvester P

(2007) Zircon as a Magma Mixing Proxy: Textural, Chemical and Isotopic Evidence from a Young Plutonic System
Gagnevin D, Daly S & Whitehouse M

(2007) Zircon Growth and Resorption in an Incrementally Filled Granite Pluton: Insights from in situ U-Pb, Trace Element and Hf Isotopic Analyses
Daly S, Gagnevin D & Whitehouse M

(2007) In situ U-Pb Analysis of Detrital Titanite: A New Provenance Technique Applied to Enigmatic Metasedimentary Cover Sequences in SW Scotland
McAteer C, Daly S, Flowerdew M, Connelly J, Housh T & Whitehouse M

(2006) Insights Into Magma Evolution in Capraia Volcano (Italy) From Plagioclase Chemical and Isotopic Zonation.
Gagnevin D, Daly JS, Waight TE, Poli G & Conticelli S

(2002) Microchemical Investigation of K-Feldspar Megacrysts: Clues to Magma Dynamics in a Plutonic Environment
Gagnevin D, Daly JS & Poli G

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