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All abstracts by John Eiler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Triple Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between O-Bearing Organic Compounds and Water, and their Possible Uses to Study Extraterrestrial Organics
Bhattacharjee S & Eiler J

(2022) Characterizing Intramolecular Carbon and Hydrogen Isotope Structures of Higher N-Alkanes by GC-Orbitrap
Dong G, McCollom T, Lepland A, French K, Birdwell JE, Ferreira AA, Sessions A & Eiler J

(2022) Tackling TSR Risk in Deeply Buried Carbonate Reservoirs: New Insights from Coupling Fluid Inclusion Study with Clumped Isotopes Δ47/U-Pb Thermochronology
Sissmann O, Gasparrini M, Renard S, Maurand N, Wenke A, Henriksen LB, Rhodes P, Gerdes A & Eiler J

(2022) Tracking Origin and Evolution of Natural Methane with Clumped Isotopologues
Xie H, Dong G, Formolo M, Lawson M, Shuai Y & Eiler J

(2022) Increased CO2 Reinforcing the Contrast of Continental and Ocean Temperature: A Case Study from United States
Banerjee S, Ghosh P, Eiler J & Campana S

(2022) Carbonate-Associated Sulfate Constrains on the Cretaceous Barra Velha Formation
Crémière A, Present T, Bergmann K, Moore KR, Grotzinger J, Sessions A, Eiler J, Fischer W, Adams E, Amthor JE & Adkins J

(2021) Isotopic Tracers of Abiotic Amino Acid Synthesis
Chimiak LM, Eiler J, Sessions A & Blumenfeld C

(2021) Reconstructing Extraterrestrial Organic Synthesis via Site-Specific Isotope Measurements
Csernica T, Chimiak L, Zeichner S, Dworkin J, Elsila JE & Eiler J

(2021) Position-Specific Carbon Isotope Analysis of Amino Acids by Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry to Detect Signatures of Environmental and Physiological Change
Wilkes EB, Sessions A, Schubert B, Zeichner S, Weiss GM & Eiler J

(2021) The Origin, Evolution and Future of Carbonate Clumped Isotope Geochemistry
Eiler J

(2021) Geochemistry of CH4 Isotopologues (13CH3D and 12CH2D2) within Fluid Inclusions in Alpine Tectonic Quartz Fissures
Mangenot XA, Tarantola A, Girard J-P, Le VH, Mullis J & Eiler J

(2021) Clumped Methane Isotopes: New Insights into Origin and Formation Mechanisms of Natural Gases and a Potential Geothermometer
Albrecht N, Thiagarajan N, Xie H, Dong G, Kohl IE & Eiler J

(2020) The Reunion Mantle Plume is not Oxidized
Brounce M, Stolper E & Eiler J

(2020) Development of a Position-Specific Isotopic Proxy for Photorespiration
Wilkes E, Sessions A & Eiler J

(2020) Quick Stable Isotope Analysis of Multiple Components in a Complex Mixture by Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry
Zeichner S, Chimiak E, Elsila J & Eiler J

(2020) Methane Isotopologues in a High-Concentration Gas Hydrate Reservoir in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Phillips S, Formolo M, Wang D, Xie H, Becker S & Eiler J

(2020) Predicting Isotopomer Distribution in Products of Thermal Cracking with a Kinetic Monte-Carlo Model
Xie H, Formolo M & Eiler J

(2020) A NanoSIMS Study of Micro-Distribution of Carbon Isotope in Ureilite Meteorites
Guan Y, Hong TE, Byeon M-R & Eiler J

(2020) Generation of Thermogenic Methane in the Central Alps (Switzerland) during Mid Miocene Metamorphism – New Insights from Paired Clumped Isotopologues (13CH3D and 12CH2D2)
Mangenot X, Tarantola A, Girard J-P, Le VH, Mullis J & Eiler J

(2019) Trajectory and Timescale of Δ47 Equilibration in the HCO3-/CO32- Pool Under Normal and Enzymatically Catalyzed Conditions
Uchikawa J, Chen S, Eiler J, Adkins J & Zeebe R

(2019) Methane Clumped Isotope Constraints on the Equilibrium and Kinetics of Unconventional Gases
Dong G, Xie H, Formolo M, Lawson M, Sessions A & Eiler J

(2019) Clumped Isotope Compositions of Detrital Carbonates in the Himalayan River System – 2) The Cenozoic River
Ryb U, Ponton C, Eiler J, France-Lanord C & Yoshida K

(2019) Clumped Isotope Compositions of Detrital Carbonates in the Himalayan River System – 1) The Modern Ganga Basin
Ponton C, Ryb U, Eiler J, France-Lanord C & Yoshida K

(2019) Molecular Isotopic Structure as a Biosignature and Window on Molecular Origins
Eiler J, Chimiak E, Csernica T, Dallas B, Neubauer C, Wilkes E & Zeichner S

(2019) Position-Specific Hydrogen Isotope Distribution in Natural Propanes: Thermal Cracking, Equilibration and Biodegradation
Xie H, Ponton C, Formolo M, Lawson M, Sessions A & Eiler J

(2019) Does Natural Gas Form in Isotopic Equilibrium?
Thiagarajan N, Xie H, Ponton C, Kitchen N, Peterson B, Lawson M, Formolo M, Xiao Y & Eiler J

(2019) Using Carbonate and Methane Clumped Isotopes for Sedimentary Basins Analysis
Mangenot X, Chailan O, Gasparrini M, Bonifacie M, Petit A, Rouchon V & Eiler J

(2019) Theoretical Estimation of the 13C/12C Fractionation between Pyruvic Acid and Alanine at the ⍺ Carbon Through the Alanine Transaminase Reaction
Dallas B & Eiler J

(2017) The Oxidation State of Fe in Melt Inclusions from Piton de la Fournaise, Reunion
Brounce M, Stolper E, Peterson M & Eiler J

(2017) Intracrystalline Oxygen Isotope Thermometry of Goethite
Miller H, Farley K, Eiler J & Vasconcelos P

(2017) Paleozoic-Mesozoic Dolomitization of the Colorado Plateau by Deep Circulation of Sea-Water
Ryb U & Eiler J

(2017) Site-Specific D/H in Natural Propanes: A New Tool for Constraining Thermal History of Petroleum Systems
Ponton C, Xie H, Lawson M, Formolo M, Peterson B, Sattler A & Eiler J

(2017) Isotope Effects in Low-Molecular-Weight Aromatic Compounds from Petroleum Hydrocarbons Originating from Fluvial-Deltaic Source Rocks
Cesar J, Eiler J, Dallas B, Chimiak E, Raiteri P & Grice K

(2017) The Oxidation State of Fe in Glasses from the Austral Islands: Limits on Effects of the HIMU Mantle End-Member on Oxygen Fugacity
Peterson M, Brounce M, Stolper E, Eiler J, Hanyu T, Nichols A & Jackson M

(2017) High-Precision and Accuracy Measurements of the Isotopic Contents and Structures of Extra-Terrestrial Organic Molecules
Eiler J, Chimiak L, Elsila J, Dallas B & Hofmann A

(2017) Observing Biodegradation of Complex Organic Substrates by Site-Specific Isotopic Analyses
Lloyd M, Trembath-Reichert E, Feakins S, Schimmelmann A, Mastalerz M, Sessions A & Eiler J

(2017) Position-Specific Carbon Isotope Measurements in Alanine by High-Resolution Gas-Source IRMS
Dallas B, Eiler J, Chimiak L & Sessions A

(2017) Position Specific Isotope Effects in Alanine Produced by Strecker Synthesis
Chimiak L, Dallas B, Eiler J, Sessions A & Blumenfeld C

(2017) Diffusion, Exchange and Solubility of Water in Rhyolitic Glass: Implications for the Interpretation of the δD Value
Gatti E, Newman S, Guan Y, Nikolic D & Eiler J

(2017) Intermediate Water Temperature and Radiocarbon Records from the North Atlantic and Southern Ocean Across the most Recent Glacial Termination
Hines S, Eiler J & Adkins J

(2017) Clumped Isotope Characterization of Authigenic Carbonates and Methane in Cold Seep Environments
Thiagarajan N, Cremiere A, Lepland A, Brunstad H & Eiler J

(2017) Climatic Extremes at the Dawn of Animal Life
Bergmann K, Jost A, Mackey T, Goldberg S, Boekleheide N, Finnegan S, Fischer W, Grotzinger J & Eiler J

(2016) Seasonal Variations in Clumped Isotope and ∆17O of Atmospheric CO2 at La Jolla, CA
Thiagarajan N, Passey B, Welp-Smith L, Eiler J & Keeling R

(2016) The Structure of Nacre in Jurassic Pinna Shells
Gilbert PUPA, Giuffre AJ, Bergmann KD, Myers CE, Marcus MA, DeVol RT, Sun C-Y, Blonsky AZ, Zhao J, Karan E, Tamre E, Tamura N, Lemer S, Giribet G, Eiler J & Knoll A

(2016) The Isotopic Structures of Hydrocarbon Compounds
Eiler J, Clog M, Douglas P, Lawson M, Piasecki A & Stolper D

(2016) Determining the Isotopic Structures of Molecules by Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry
Eiler J, Chimiak E, Dallas B, Griep-Raming J, Juchelka D, Kitchen N, Makarov A & Schwieters J

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