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All abstracts by Isabelle Daniel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Phosphorylation of Prebiotic Precursors on the Early Earth
Shvetsova A, Daniel I, Fiore M & Strazewski P

(2023) Formation and Elongation of Polyglycine via Unimolecular Reaction in the Gas Phase
Lissillour H, Parrado Ospina L, Comte D, Lavy L, Bertier P, Calabria P, Fillol R, Calvo F, Daniel I, Farizon B, Farizon M & Märk TD

(2022) Deep Earth Water Model for Predicting the Formation of Immiscible Hydrocarbons in Subduction Zones
Huang J, Sverjensky DA, Daniel I & Vitale Brovarone A

(2021) Phosphorylation of Prebiotic Precursors
Shvetsova A, Fiore M, Strazewski P & Daniel I

(2021) Contrasted Pressure Effects on Sulfur-Oxidizing Activity of Thiobacillus Thioparus and Thiobacillus denitrificans
Osman JR, Cardon H, Montagnac G, Picard A & Daniel I

(2021) Formation of Hydrocarbons Favors High Pressure at Subduction Zones Conditions: A Study from in situ Experiments
Huang J, Daniel I, Sverjensky D, Cardon H & Montagnac G

(2021) Redox-Dependent Recycling of Carbon in Subduction Zones: A Petrological and Isotope Study from the Belvidere Mountain Complex Ultramafic Body
Boutier A, Vitale Brovarone A, Martinez I, Sissmann O, Agostini S, Daniel I & Mana S

(2021) Global Hydrogen Production in Subducting Slabs
Merdith A, Daniel I, Vitale Brovarone A, Sverjensky D, Andreani M & Williams S

(2021) Serpentinization in Formate-Bearing Fluids: An Experimental Approach at 300℃-25 MPa
Barbier S, Andreani M, Grossi V, Gaucher E, Sissmann O, Daniel I, Menez B, Antheaume I, Albalat E, Fellah C, Cardon H, Jame P, Saupin X & Bonjour E

(2020) Phosphorus Limitation on Primary Production in Archean Ecosystems
Hao J, Knoll A, Huang F, Schieber J, Hazen R & Daniel I

(2019) Transformation of Carbon during High-Pressure Serpentinization: Implication for Deep Carbon Storage at Forearc Mantle
Tao R, Daniel I, Andreani M, Montagnac G & Carbon H

(2018) Influence of Trace Elements on the Adsorption of Nucleotides onto Clays: Implications for the Origin of Life
Hao J, Mokhtari M, Pedreira-Segade U, Michot L & Daniel I

(2018) From Adsorption to Reaction: A Study of Nucleotide-Mineral Interactions
Pedreira-Segade U, Daniel I, Michot L & Rogers K

(2018) Metamorphic “Unconventional” Hydrocarbons in Subduction Zones
Vitale A, Martinez I, Sverjensky DA, Daniel I & Piccoli F

(2017) Global Serpentinization and H2 Production at Mid-Ocean Ridges: 200 Ma to Present
Garcia del Real P, Daniel I, Andreani M, Wright N & Coltice N

(2017) Effects of Salinity on the Adsorption of Nucleotides onto Phyllosilicates
Pedreira-Segade U, Michot L & Daniel I

(2017) Compatibility of Amino Acids in Ice: Implications for the Origin of Life in a Freezing World
Hao J, Giovenco E, Pedreira-Segade U & Daniel I

(2017) Influence of the Liquid-Liquid Transition in Water on the Solvent-Solute Properties in Carbonate Solutions at High Pressure
Facq S & Daniel I

(2016) Polymerization of Glycine Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Pedreira-Segade U, Cros M & Daniel I

(2016) Adsorption of Nucleotides onto Ferromagnesian Phyllosilicates: Significance for the Origin of Life
Daniel I, Pedreira-Segade U, Feuillie C, Pelletier M & Michot L

(2016) Aqueous Acetate Coexisting with Immiscible Fluid Isobutane at Subduction Zone Pressures
Huang F, Daniel I, Cardon H, Montagnac G & Sverjensky D

(2015) Solubility of Aragonite in Aqueous Fluids Under HP-HT Conditions
Facq S, Daniel I, Petitgirard S, Cardon H & Sverjensky D

(2014) Kinetics and Mechanism of Dehydration of Lawsonite and Blueschist
Daniel I, Perrillat J-P & Reynard B

(2014) Kinetics of Serpentinization in Aluminium- and Carbonate-Rich Hydrothermal Fluids
Pens M, Andreani M, Daniel I, Perrillat J-P, Hernandez J-A & Cardon H

(2013) Aqueous Carbonate Speciation in Equilibrium with Aragonite Under Subduction Zones Conditions
Facq S, Daniel I & Sverjensky D

(2011) Kinetics and Mechanism of Antigorite Dehydration: Implications for Subduction Zone Seismicity
Chollet M, Daniel I, Koga KT, Morard G & van de Moortèle B

(2011) High-Pressure Microbiology in the Synchrotron Light
Daniel I, Picard A, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L

(2011) Microbial Iron Reduction Under Deep Subsurface Pressure Conditions
Picard A, Testemale D, Hazemann J-L & Daniel I

(2010) Solubility of Carbonate in Aqueous Fluids at HP-HT: A Combined X-Ray and Raman Spectroscopic Study
Daniel I, Petitgirard S & Sanchez-Valle C

(2010) Microbial Selenium and Iron Reduction Under High Pressure
Picard A, Daniel I, Oger P, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L

(2009) Zr Speciation and Partitioning in SiO2-rich Aqueous Fluids and Silicate Melts
Louvel M, Sanchez Valle C, Petitgirard S, Cardon H, Daniel I & Cauzid J

(2008) Rheology of Serpentines, Seismicity and Mass Transfer in Subduction Zone
Reynard B, Hilairet N, Daniel I & Wang Y

(2004) Trace Element Distribution between Antigorite and Fluid Near the Dehydration Conditions
Koga K, Reynard B & Daniel I

(2004) Boron Isotopic Fractionations in High P-T Aqueous Fluids from in situ Vibrational Spectroscopic Data
Sanchez-Valle C, Reynard B, Daniel I, Martinez I & Chervin J

(2004) In situ Investigation Under High Pressure and Temperature of the Limits of Life
Oger P, Picard A & Daniel I

(2004) From Hard to Soft Matter Using SR X-Ray Micro-Imaging
Simionovici A, Lemelle L, Golosio B, Chukalina M, El Goresy A, Daniel I, Oger P & Gillet P

(2002) Experimental Study of Carbonate Aqueous Solutions at High Pressure and High Temperature
Martinez I, Sanchez Valle C, Daniel I, Philippot P, Reynard B & Simionovici A

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