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All abstracts by James Darling in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Quantitative Microstructural Analysis of Olivine and Ringwoodite
Tait K, White L, Darling J, Kizovski T, Dunlop J & Moser D

(2019) Modern-Style Plate Tectonics Controls the Preservation of New Crust during Supercontinent Assembly
Pereira I, Storey C, Darling J, Moreira H & Strachan R

(2019) Apatite: A Nanoscale Story-Teller of Lunar Geological History
Cernok A, Anand M, White L, Darling J, Whitehouse M, Fougerouse D, Rickard W, Reddy S, Saxey D, Quadir Z, Tait K & Franchi I

(2019) Timing of Brittle Deformation in the Jura Mountains Revealed by U-Pb Calcite Dating
Weiss L, Mottram C, Parrish R & Darling J

(2018) Evidence for Continuous Continental Crust Generation during the Magmatic Lull
Moreira H, Storey C, Fowler M, Seixas L, Dunlop J & Darling J

(2018) Infering Diffusion Rates and Closure K/Ca Dating of Micas and K-Feldspar
Kelley S, Storey C, Darling J, Warren C & Jenner F

(2018) Detrital Rutile: U-Pb, Mineral Chemistry and Inclusions as Archives of Precambrian History
Pereira I, Storey C & Darling J

(2018) Unravelling Chronological Complexities in Lunar Materials with Baddeleyite (ZrO2)
Tait K, White L, Moser D & Darling J

(2018) Measuring Stable O-Isotopes by Atom Probe Tomography: New Insights from ~100 Mineral Analyses
White L, Langelier B, Moser D, Darling J & Tait K

(2018) The Shocking State of Ca-Phosphates in Martian Meteorites
Darling J, Tait K, White L, Moser D, Kizovski T, ─îernok A & Dunlop J

(2018) Nanoscale Horizons in Apatite Geochemistry
Tait K, White L, Cernok A, Darling J & Moser D

(2017) Unravelling the Gold Source of a Witwatersrand-Type Deposit: Insights from Mineral Inclusions in Rutile
Pereira I, Storey C, Darling J & Lasalle S

(2013) The Shocking State of Baddeleyite in Basaltic Shergottite NWA 5298
Darling J, Moser D, Barker I, Tait K, Chamberlain K & Schmitt A

(2013) Atomic Views of Martian Evolution
Moser D, Reinhard D, Clifton P, Larson D, Darling J, Tait K, Bugnet M, Gault B & Barker I

(2012) Reconstructing a Young Martian History with Igneous Microbaddeleyite Rimmed by Metamorphic Zircon
Moser D, Chamberlain K, Tait K, Schmitt A, Barker I, Hyde B & Darling J

(2012) Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt
Darling J, Moser D, Heaman L, Davis W, Stern R, O'Neil J, Carlson R & Francis D

(2011) Allanite Petrochronology in High-Pressure Rocks
Engi M, Regis D, Darling J, Cenki-Tok B & Rubatto D

(2009) Impact Melt Sheet Zircons and their Implications for the Hadean Crust
Darling J, Storey C & Hawkesworth C

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