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All abstracts by Rajdeep Dasgupta in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Estimating the Carbon Budget of the Earth’s Deep Mantle from Petrogenesis of Silica-Poor Ocean Island Basalts
Dasgupta R & Sun C

(2023) Outgassed Atmospheres of Magma Ocean Exoplanets
Maurice M, Dasgupta R & Hassanzadeh P

(2022) The Fate of Nitrogen during Parent Body Partial Melting and Accretion of the Inner Solar System Bodies at Highly Reducing Conditions
Dasgupta R, Falksen E & Sun C

(2021) A Very Early Origin of Isotopically Distinct Nitrogen in Inner Solar System Protoplanets
Grewal D, Dasgupta R & Marty B

(2021) Nitrogen Depletion in the Inner Solar System Planets Linked to the Rates of Protoplanetary Accretion and Differentiation
Dasgupta R, Grewal D, Farnell A & Hough T

(2021) A Machine Learning Model for the Differentiation of Hydrous Magma at Lower Crust
Liu B, Lee C-T & Dasgupta R

(2020) Correcting Fe- and S-XANES Beam Damage and Recognizing Rapid Redox Equilibration of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions
Lerner A, Muth M, Wallace P, Lanzirotti A, Newville M, Gaetani G, Chowdhury P & Dasgupta R

(2020) The Effect of Differentiation via Internal Versus External Magma Oceans on the Carbon and Nitrogen Budgets of Rocky Planets
Grewal D, Dasgupta R & Eguchi J

(2020) Extraction of Life-Essential Volatiles via Melting of Rocky Planetary Mantles of Variable Redox
Dasgupta R, Chowdhury P, Eguchi J, Sun C & Saha S

(2019) The Core-Mantle Partitioning of Nitrogen in Carbon-Undersaturated Ultramafic Systems
Grewal D, Hough T, Tsuno K & Dasgupta R

(2019) Control of Accretion and Early Differentiation Process on the Diversity of Volatile Inventory of Rocky Solar System Objects
Dasgupta R, Grewal DS & Tsuno K

(2018) Core-Mantle Fractionation of Carbon in Magma Oceans of Inner Solar System Bodies: The Role of Sulfur
Dasgupta R, Tsuno K & Grewal D

(2018) Fate of Nitrogen during Core-Mantle Separation
Grewal D, Dasgupta R, Costin G, Tsuno K, Li Y & Holmes A

(2017) Limited Dissolution of Organic Carbon in Slab Melt Causes the Rise of Atmospheric O2 Across GOE
Dasgupta R & Duncan MS

(2017) Carbon Contents in Reduced Basalts at Graphite Saturation: Implications for the Degassing of Mars, Mercury, and the Moon
Li Y, Dasgupta R & Tsuno K

(2017) A New CO<sub>2</sub> Solubility Model for Silicate Melts from Fluid-Saturation to Graphite-Saturation: Implications for the Redox State of Oceanic Basalt Source Regions
Eguchi J & Dasgupta R

(2016) The Fate of Sulfur during Mantle Melting – Implications for the Mantle Sulfur Budget and the Mode of Deep Carbon Storage
Dasgupta R, Ding S & Tsuno K

(2016) Efficiency of Organic Carbon Subduction Constrained by the Solubility of Carbon in Hydrous Slab Melt at Graphite Saturated Conditions
Dasgupta R & Duncan M

(2015) Origin and Evolution of C-O-H Volatiles in Terrestrial Magma Ocean, Earth’s Hadean Mantle, and Atmosphere
Dasgupta R, Li Y & Duncan MS

(2015) Comparison of the Conditions of Melting in the Martian Mantle from Surface Basalts and Meteorites
Filiberto J & Dasgupta R

(2014) Continental Arc-Island Arc Fluctuations, Skarn Formation and Long-Term Climate
Lee C-T, Lackey JS, Barnes J, Jiang H, Dasgupta R & Dickens G

(2014) Hybridization of Mantle-Wedge by Hydrous Sediment Partial Melt and Generation of Ultra-Potassic Arc Lavas
Mallik A, Nelson J & Dasgupta R

(2014) Basalt-Limestone Interaction at Crustal Conditions and Implications for Volcanic Emission of CO2
Carter LB & Dasgupta R

(2013) Solubility of CO2 in Rhyolitic Melts as a Function of Depth, Temperature, and Oxygen Fugacity – Implications for Carbon Flux in Subduction Zones
Duncan M & Dasgupta R

(2013) Deep Subduction of Carbon and Sulfur Constrained by Laboratory Experiments
Dasgupta R, Duncan M, Jégo S & Tsuno K

(2013) Effect of Variable CO2 on Andesite-Lherzolite Reaction: Implications for Mantle Hybridization and Generation of Alkalic Basalts
Mallik A & Dasgupta R

(2013) Tracing Whole-Earth Carbon from the Hadean to Present
Dasgupta R

(2012) Carbon Solution and Partitioning between Metallic and Silicate Melts in a Shallow Magma Ocean: Implications for the Origin and Distribution of Terrestrial Carbon
Dasgupta R, Chi H, Shimizu N, Buono A & Walker D

(2012) Genesis of Alkaline Magmas by Reaction of MORB-Eclogite Derived Carbonated Melt with Lherzolite
Mallik A, Dasgupta R & Mishra V

(2011) Copper Systematics in Arc Magmas and Implications for the Origin of Continents, the Pb-Paradox, and Copper Porphyry Deposits
Lee C-T, Chin E, Bouchet R, Luffi P, Dasgupta R, Morton D, le Roux V, Yin Q-Z, Albarède F & Blichert-Toft J

(2011) Silicate Melting in the Earth’s Deep Upper Mantle Caused by C-O-H Volatiles
Dasgupta R, Tsuno K, Withers AC & Mallik A

(2011) Subduction Cycling of C-O-H Volatiles from Sediment Melting
Tsuno K, Dasgupta R, Danielson L & Righter K

(2011) Compressibility Change in Fe-Rich Melt and Implications for Core Formation Models
Sanloup C, van Westrenen W, Dasgupta R, Maynard-Casely H & Perrillat J-P

(2011) Mineralogical Heterogeneities in the Earth’s Mantle: Constraints from Mn, Co, Ni and Zn Partitioning during Partial Melting
Le Roux V, Dasgupta R & Lee C-T

(2010) Effect of Chlorine on Near-Liquidus Phase Equilibria of Basalts
Filiberto J, Dasgupta R & Treiman AH

(2010) First Series Transition Metals (Zn, Fe, Mn, Co, Sc, V) as Tracers of Mineralogic Heterogeneities in the Mantle
Le Roux V, Dasgupta R & Lee C-TA

(2010) Conservative Tracers of Oxygen Fugacity in Basalts and their Mantle Source Regions
Lee C-T, Luffi P, Le Roux V & Dasgupta R

(2009) Volatile-Induced Metasomatic Melting in Terrestrial Planets
Dasgupta R

(2009) Major Element and Volatile Heterogeneity in the Earth’s Mantle and Generation of Oceanic Basalts
Dasgupta R

(2008) High-Pressure Melting Relations in Fe-C-S Systems: Implications for Metallic Cores in Planetary Bodies
Dasgupta R, Whelan G, Buono A & Walker D

(2007) Carbonatite-Mantle Interaction in the Formation of Highly Alkalic Oceanic Island Basalts
Hirschmann M & Dasgupta R

(2006) Melting induced extraction of C-O-H volatiles at mid-ocean ridges
Dasgupta R & Hirschmann M

(2005) Near-Solidus Melt Compositions from Natural Carbonated Lherzolite
Dasgupta R, Hirschmann M & Withers A

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