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All abstracts by Yannicke Dauphin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Pearls as Biomineralization Models for Layered Growth and Crystallization
Cuif J-P, Dauphin Y & Nouet J

(2012) Preservation of Fossil Bones of Small Mammals from El Harhoura 2 Cave (Morocco, Pleistocene – Holocene)
Farre B & Dauphin Y

(2012) Cyclic Growth Layers in Calcareous Biominerals
Dauphin Y, Williams CT & Cuif J-P

(2010) The Layered Growth and Reticulated Crystallization of the Coral Fibers
Cuif J-P, Dauphin Y & Nouet J

(2010) Is Fossil Tooth Enamel Exempt of Diagenetic Alterations?
Dauphin Y & Quantin C

(2010) Occurrence of Lipids in Crossed-Lamellar Layers of Molluscan Shells
Nouet J, Dauphin Y & Farre B

(2010) The Ca-Carbonate Bio Crystal Status in Mollusk Seashells Revisited
Baronnet A, Grauby O, Nouet J, Cuif JP & Dauphin Y

(2007) Oxygen Isotopic Composition in Deep-Sea Coral, Lophelia pertusa
Rollion-Bard C, Blamart D, Cuif J-P, Meibom A, Juillet-Leclerc A & Dauphin Y

(2007) Boron Isotopic Composition Correlates with Ultra-Structure in the Deep-Sea Coral Lophelia pertusa: Implications for Biomineralization Processes and Paleo-pCO2
Blamart D, Rollion-bard C, Cuif J, Meibom A, Juillet-Leclerc A & Dauphin Y

(2004) Growth of Calcareous Nanograins within Layered Glycoprotein Gels: A Common Model for Molluscan Prisms and Coral Fibres
Cuif J & Dauphin Y

(2004) Calcite – Aragonite in Cretaceous Belemnite Rostra
Dauphin Y, Barskov I & Williams C

(2003) Dissolution Effects on the Surface Morphology of Mollusk Calcitic Prisms (Pinna)
Tsujikawa H, Dauphin Y, Nakashima S, Cuif J, Massard P & Mercury L

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