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All abstracts by Corey Archer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Coupled High-Resolution Ni and Mo Isotope Evolution of the Late Cretaceous Ocean
Sun M, Archer C, Scholz F, Sweere T & Vance D

(2023) Nickel Isotopes in Sediment and Porewaters from Highly Productive Upwelling Margins
Archer C, Sweere T, Kraal P, Scholz F & Vance D

(2022) An Isotopically Heavy Source of Nickel: Release of Nickel during Birnessite Transformation into Todorokite
Chen L, Archer C, Little SH & Peacock CL

(2022) The Nickel Isotope Evolution of Seawater Through the Phanerozoic Eon
Sun M, Archer C, Sweere T, Shen Y, Algeo T, Dickson AJ, Gill B, Dahl TW & Vance D

(2021) The Oceanic Biogeochemistry of Nickel and its Isotopes
Lemaitre N, Archer C, de Souza G, Du J( & Vance D

(2021) Redox Control on the Seawater Tungsten Isotope Composition
Kurzweil F, Archer C, Wille M, Schoenberg R, Münker C & Dellwig O

(2021) The Impact of Weathering on 238U/235U Systematics in the Critical Zone
Andersen MB, Thomas J, Hudson G & Archer C

(2021) Constraining Sulphide Weathering in the Mackenzie Basin Using Molybdenum Isotopes
Charbonnier Q, Archer C, Bouchez J, Gaillardet J, Hilton RG & Vance D

(2021) Devonian Greenhouse Conditions Drove Epigenetic Copper–cobalt Mineralisation in Hydrothermal Dolomite in Passive Margin Setting
Saintilan NJ, Archer C, Maden C, Samankassou E, Bernasconi SM & Spangenberg JE

(2021) Nickel Isotope of Paleo-Seawater at the End-Ordovician
Sun M, Archer C, Li M, Shen Y, Algeo T & Vance D

(2021) Elemental Release from Estuarine Particulates Traced Using Iron and Neodymium Stable Isotopes
Burton KW, Archer C, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, McCoy-West A & Gislason SR

(2020) Application of Multi-Element and Multi-Isotopic Approaches to the Study of Oceanic Anoxia
Sun M, Archer C, Vance D & Shen Y

(2020) Nickel Isotopes in the Ocean
Lemaitre N, Archer C, Zamora R & Vance D

(2020) The Stable Tungsten Isotope Composition of Seawater and Mn-Rich Sediments from the Baltic Sea
Kurzweil F, Archer C, Wille M, Schoenberg R, Münker C & Dellwig O

(2020) Tracing Estuarine Metal Release from River-Borne Particulates in Iceland
Burton K, Archer C, Gislason S, Pogge von Strandmann P, McCoy-West A & Vance D

(2019) Understanding Molybdenum and Uranium Isotope Systematics in Continental Margin Sediments
He Z, Clarkson M, Andersen M, Archer C, Huang F & Vance D

(2019) Improved Ion-Exchange Procedures for Multiple Transition Metal Isotope Proxy Studies
Sun M, Archer C, Vance D & Shen Y

(2018) Zinc and Nickel Isotopes in the North Atlantic Ocean (GA01 Transect)
Lemaitre N, Archer C, Wang R-M, Planquette H, Cheize M, Boutorh J, Menzel Barraqueta J-L, Shelley R & Vance D

(2018) Ni Isotope Fractionation Associated with Phytoplankton Uptake in the Sth. Atlantic Ocean – Is it Significant?
Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M

(2017) Negligible Ni Isotope Fractionation Associated with Phytoplankton Uptake in the South Atlantic Ocean
Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M

(2017) Chemistry, not Biology, is the Main Control on Modern Ocean Transition Metal Isotope Budgets
Vance D, Archer C, Little S, Köbberich M, de Souza G & Ciscato E

(2017) Variations of Zinc and Nickel Isotopes in a Natural Iron Fertilized Region Around Kerguelen Island, Southern Ocean
Wang R-M, Archer C, Bowie AR & Vance D

(2016) Uranium and Mo Isotopes Record a Slowdown of the E. Mediterranean Overturning during the Last Interglacial Period (~125 ky)
Andersen MB, Matthews A, Vance D, Bar-Matthews M & Archer C

(2016) Zinc and Nickel Isotope Systematics in the South Atlantic Ocean
Archer C, Vance D & Lohan M

(2016) Rapid-Throughput MC-ICPMS Techniques for Analysis of Multiple Transition Metal Isotope Ratios in Seawater, and Case Studies from Recent GEOTRACES Cruises
Conway TM, Archer C, Rosenberg AD, Adkins JF, John SG & Vance D

(2015) Molybdenum and Uranium Isotopes in a Euxinic Lake
Bura Nakic E, Andersen MB, Archer C & Vance D

(2015) Determination of Isotopic Ratio of Nickel, Copper, and Zinc in Seawater Using an Ethylenediaminetriacetic Acid Chelating Resin
Takano S, Tanimizu M, Hirata T, Sohrin Y, Little S & Archer C

(2013) Tracing Perturbations in the Oxygenation of the Cenozoic Ocean Using Molybdenum Isotopes
Archer C, Nielsen S, Burton K & Hein J

(2013) The Oceanic Cycles of the Transition Metals and their Isotopes
Vance D, Cameron V, Little S & Archer C

(2013) Mo Isotope Signature of OAE 2
Westermann S, Vance D, Cameron V, Archer C & Robinson S

(2012) Mass-Dependent Molybdenum Isotope Variations in Ocean Island Basalts
Willbold M, Elliott T & Archer C

(2012) Controls on Mo Isotope Fractionations
Goldberg T, Poulton S, Archer C, Vance D & Thamdrup B

(2012) Fluctuations in Ocean Anoxia: Evidence from Cretaceous OAEs
Westermann S, Vance D, Archer C & Robinson S

(2012) Mo and Ni Isotope Systematics in Petroleum Fluids Across Subsurface Alteration Gradients
Archer C, Elliott T, Van Den Boorn S & Van Bergen P

(2011) Redox Evolution of the Late Neoproterozoic to Early Cambrian Ocean on Yangtze Platform, China
Chen X, Vance D, Ling H, Archer C, Shields G & Och L

(2011) Causes and Consequences of Isotopically Heavy Dissolved Molybdenum in Rivers
Vance D, Keech A, Matthews A & Archer C

(2011) Low Molybdenum Isotope Compositions in Euxinic Sapropel S1
Azrieli I, Matthews A, Bar-Matthews M, Almogi-Labin A, Vance D, Archer C & Teutsch N

(2011) Trace Metal and Mo Isotope Systematics in Petroleum Fluids
Archer C, Elliott T, Van den Boorn S, Avanzinalli R & Van Bergen P

(2011) Testing the 'Post-Glacial Weathering Peak' Hypothesis – A Lacustrine Record of 87Sr/86Sr
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C & Lund SP

(2011) The Relase of Hf Isotopes during Weathering
Rickli J, Keech A, Archer C & Vance D

(2011) Mo Isotope Signature of OAE 1a: New Insights from the Western Tethys
Westermann S, Vance D, Archer C & Robinson S

(2010) Isotopic Fractionation of Mo, Cu and Zn during Weathering: The Record from Soils and Rivers
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C, Foster GL, Hudson G & Blum JD

(2010) Copper Stable Isotopes as Tracers of Metal-Sulphide Segregation and Impact Melting Processes on Iron Meteorite Parent Bodies
Williams H & Archer C

(2009) Controls on Mo Isotope Fractionations in Modern Anoxic Marine Sediments – A Key to Paleoredox Research
Goldberg T, Poulton S, Archer C, Vance D & Thamdrup B

(2009) Mo Isotope Proxy for Ancient Anoxia: Insights from a Modern Anoxic Basin
Archer C, Vance D, Goldberg T, Poulton S, Thamdrup B & Acuna G

(2009) Surface Complexation of Cu on Birnessite (δ-MnO2): Controls on Abundance and Isotopic Composition in the Deep Ocean
Sherman D, Bednarz E, Peacock C & Archer C

(2009) ε182W in Ocean Island Basalts and the Role of Core-Mantle Interaction
Willbold M, Elliott T & Archer C

(2009) Trace Metal Proxies for Ancient Oceanic Anoxia: Perspectives from Modern Biogeochemical Cycles
Vance D, Archer C, Goldberg T & Poulton S

(2009) The Zn Isotopic Composition of Diatom Frustules, a Proxy for Zn Availability in Ocean Surface Seawater
Andersen MB, Vance D, Archer C, Ellwood M, Allen C, Hellenbrand CD & Anderson RF

(2009) Chemical Weathering Rates in an Icehouse World: Insights from the Isotopic Record in Soils
Keech AR, Vance D, Archer C, Foster GL & Blum JD

(2008) Transition Metal Isotopes in Rivers and the Weathering Environment
Archer C & Vance D

(2008) Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Mo Isotope Fractionations
Goldberg T, Archer C, Vance D & Poulton S

(2008) The Zn Isotopic Composition of Diatom Frustules: An Archive of Past Trace Metal Depletion in HNLC Zones?
Andersen MB, Vance D, Archer C, Ellwood M, Hillenbrand C-D, Allen C & Anderson R

(2007) Nickel Stable Isotopes as Biogeochemical Tracers
Cameron V, Vance D, Archer C & House C

(2007) The Mo Isotopic Composition of Rivers Suggests Complete Euxinia in the Proterozoic Ocean
Archer C & Vance D

(2006) Bioavailability of Mo in the Palaeoproterozoic ocean
Archer C, Poulton S, Vance D, Johnston D & Canfield D

(2006) Zn isotopes as a new tracer of metal micronutrient usage in the oceans
Vance D, Archer C, Bermin J, Kennaway G, Cox E, Statham P, Lohan M & Ellwood M

(2004) Transition Metal Isotope Fractionation on Metal Sulfide Precipitation
Butler I, Archer C, Ehrlich S, Vance D, Matthews A & Rickard D

(2004) Combined High Precision Cu, Zn and Fe Isotopes in Mice Brains
Büchl A, Archer C, Brown D, Hawkesworth C, Leighton E, Ragnarsdottir K & Vance D

(2004) Abiotic Zn Isotope Fractionations Associated with ZnS Precipitation
Archer C, Vance D & Butler I

(2003) Fe Isotope Fractionation during Fe(II) Monosulfide Precipitation from Aqueous Solutions at pH 8 and Ambient Temperatures
Butler I, Archer C, Rickard D, Vance D & Oldroyd A

(2002) Large Fractionations in Fe, Cu and Zn Isotopes Associated with Archean Microbially-Mediated Sulphides
Archer C & Vance D

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