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All abstracts by Dirk DeBeer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) The Influence of Physically-Induced Porewater Advection, Benthic Photosynthesis and Respiration on CaCO3 Dynamics in Reef Sands
Rao A, Polerecky L, Ionescu D, Meysman F & De Beer D

(2011) Extensive N-Loss from Permeable Wadden Sea Sediments due to Aerobic Denitrification
Gao H, Khalili A, Lavik G, de Beer D & Kuypers M

(2010) Novel, Mat-Forming Thiomargarita spp. Thrive on a Sulfidic Fluid Outflow at the Amon Mud Volcano (Eastern Mediterranean)
Girnth A-C, Grünke S, Lichtschlag A, Felden J, Knittel K, Wenzhöfer F, de Beer D & Boetius A

(2009) Impact of High CO2 Concentrations on the Structure of Microbial Communities in Marine Sediments
Ufkes J, Ramette A, Haeckel M, de Beer D, Inagaki F & Boetius A

(2009) Distribution of Metabolically Active Microbial Communities in CO2-rich Marine Sediments
Yanagawa K, Sunamura M, Morono Y, Futagami T, DeBeer D, Urabe T, Boetius A & Inagaki F

(2009) In situ Measurements of Porewater Chemistry in Extremely CO2 Rich Sediments from a Hydrothermal Vent
de Beer D, Boetius A & Haeckel M

(2009) Sequestering CO2 in Marine Sediments – Geochemical Insights from a Natural Case Study
Haeckel M, Bigalke N, Boetius A, De Beer D, Rehder G & Savy JP

(2009) CO2 Leakage in the Deep Ocean and its Effect on Benthic Fauna
Boetius A, De Beer D, Haeckel M, Mertens C, Inagaki F, Nakamura K & Rehder G

(2008) A Novel Carbon Concentrating Mechanism for Foraminiferal Calcification and its Potential Effects on Paleoceanographic Proxies
Erez J, Bentov S, Grinstein M & de Beer D

(2007) Methane Fluxes and Turnover in Permanent Anoxia: In situ Studies of the Dvurechenskii Mud Volcano (Black Sea)
Lichtschlag A, Felden J, Wenzhöfer F, Mohr T, Feseker T, Boetius A & deBeer D

(2007) Biological Versus Chemical Sulfide Oxidation in Beggiatoa Inhabited Sediment
de Beer D, Lichtschlag A, Lavik G & Joergensen BB

(2007) Methane, Sulfide and Oxygen Fluxes at Methane and Brine Seeps of the Nile Deep Sea Fan (Eastern Mediterranean)
Felden J, Lichtschlag A, Grünke S, Wenzhöfer F, deBeer D & Boetius A

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