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All abstracts by Mathieu Debure in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Insight of the Reactive Transport Models Developed to Understand the Corrosion Processes of High-Level Nuclear Waste
Marty N, Debure M, Michau N, Cochepin B, Linard Y, Tocino F & Martin C

(2023) Multi-Component Reactive Transport in a Claystone: Insights from a Ten-Year Alkaline in situ Injection Experiment
Debure M, Claret F, Gaboreau S, Steefel CI, Linard Y & Tournassat C

(2023) Assessment of Arsenic Retention Properties of Aptian Sands Having Different Oxidation-Reduction Capacity
Orucoglu E, Grangeon S, Agnel MI, Madé B, Robinet J-C & Debure M

(2021) Influence of Soil Reducing Capacity on the Mechanisms Driving Mercury Behaviour
Debure M & Grangeon S

(2021) An Improved Thermodynamic Model Based on Pitzer’s Equations to Describe the Chemical Behaviour of Complex Chloride-Type Brines up to Salt Solubility and Elevated Temperatures, for Geothermal and Economic Geology Applications
Lassin A, Debure M, Tuduri J & Andre L

(2020) Thermal Contribution of Serpentinization to Temperature Variations in the Subsea Floor
Lassin A, André L & Debure M

(2020) Can Serpentinisation Processes Provide Brines for the Ore-Forming Factory?
Tuduri J, Lassin A, Debure M & Blanc P

(2019) Modelling of Early Diagenesis of Lacustrine Carbonates Associated with Mg-Silicates
Milesi V, Debure M, Marty N, Capano M, Jezequel D, Steefel C, Rouchon V, Albéric P, Bard E, Guyot F, Virgone A, Gaucher E & Ader M

(2017) Formation of Mg-Aluminosilicates during Early Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediments in the Volcanic Crater Lake of Dziani (Mayotte – Indian Ocean)
Milesi V, Jezequel D, Guyot F, Debure M, Marty N, Claret F, Virgone A, Gaucher E & Ader M

(2017) Study of Iron-Bearing Dolomite Dissolution at Various Temperatures: Evidence for the Formation of Secondary Nanocrystalline Iron-Rich Phases on the Dolomite Surface
Debure M, Andreazza P, Canizarès A, Grangeon S, Lerouge C, Mack P, Madé B, Simon P, Veron E, Warmont F & Vayer M

(2011) Borosilicate Glass Alteration Driven by Magnesium Carbonates
Debure M, Frugier P, De Windt L & Gin S

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