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All abstracts by Patrice de Caritat in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Geochemical Provenancing, can it Meet Evidentiary Standards?
Hoogewerff J, Aberle M & de Caritat P

(2023) A Manual of Standard Methods for Establishing the Global Geochemical Reference Network
Sanjuan PA, Demetriades A, Johnson CC, Smith D, Ladenberger A, Stouraiti C, Argyraki A, de Caritat P, Knights K, Rincón GP & Simubali GN

(2023) Mineral Network Analysis for Heavy Minerals (MNA4HM) Web Application – A Tool to Explore Big Mineral Datasets
Bastrakov E, de Caritat P, Walker AT & McInnes BIA

(2022) Application of Network Analysis in Exploring Continent-Scale Mineral Datasets
Walker AT, Bastrakov E, McInnes BIA & de Caritat P

(2021) Geochemical Mapping Applications to Forensics and Intelligence
de Caritat P, Woods B, Roffey P, Hoogewerff J & Young J

(2021) Mapping the Strontium Isotope Distribution in Northern Australia
de Caritat P, Dosseto A & Dux F

(2017) Detecting Anomalous Metal Concentrations in the Regolith Using Cross‒compositional Detrending
de Caritat P & Rate A

(2017) Geochemical Exploration Through Cover: Past, Present, and Future
de Caritat P

(2016) Catchment-Scale Gold Prospectivity Analysis from the National Geochemical Survey of Australia
Cracknell MJ & de Caritat P

(2016) Mercury Distribution in Australian Catchment Outlet Sediments at the Continental Scale
Furman O, de Caritat P, Maher W, Foster S, Gruber B & Thompson RM

(2013) The National Geochemical Survey of Australia (NGSA) Project
de Caritat P

(2007) Low-Density Geochemical Mapping in Australia: Pilot Projects and Outline of a Continental-Scale Geochemical Survey
de Caritat P, Lech ME & McPherson A

(2006) Groundwater composition in the Cannington region, Australia: Mixing, water-rock interaction and applications to mineral exploration
De Caritat P, Lavitt N, Kirste D & Grimley M

(2006) Characterising geochemical processes using the δ34S and δ18O of sulfate in groundwater
Kirste D, De Caritat P & Welch S

(2004) Hydrogeochemistry and Transport of Weathering/Oxidation Products of Buried Mineralisation
Kirste D, de Caritat P & McPhail B

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