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All abstracts by Richard J. Arculus in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Highly Oxidized, Near-Primary Arc Magmas Influenced by Slab Melting
Kelley K, Cottrell E, Gentes Z & Arculus R

(2017) Iron Isotopes from EM1 to HIMU: Processes vs Source Inheritance and Pyroxenite vs Carbonatite
Nebel O, Sossi P, Davies R, Yaxley G, Woodhead J & Arculus R

(2017) Tectonic and Magmatic Evolution at Subduction Initiation- the Case of Izu-Bonin-Mariana-
Ishizuka O, Tani K, Harigane Y, Umino S, Hickey-Vargas R, Yogodzinski G, Kusano Y, McCarthy A, Savov I, Arculus R, Reagan M & Stern R

(2017) Petrophysical and Experimental Investigations of Fluxed-Melting Processes in the Mantle Wedge
Benard A, Tommasi A, Vasilyev P, Arculus R & Nebel O

(2016) Oxidised Primary Arc Melts Trapped in Sub-Arc Mantle Xenoliths and the Origin of Calcalkaline or Low-Fe Rock Suites
Bénard A, Woodland A, Klimm K, Arculus R, Nebel O & Ionov D

(2016) Geochemical & Geochronological Constraints on the Subduction Initiation of the Izu-Bonin Arc
Ishizuka O, Tani K, Harigane Y, Ohara Y, Taylor R, Kusano Y, Hickey-Vargas R, Yogodzinsky G, Sudo M, McCarthy A, Savov I, Arculus R & Bogus K

(2015) Helium, Carbon, Trace Metals, and Radiogenic Isotopes in the Northern Lau and North Fiji Basins
Lupton J, Rubin K, Arculus R, Price A & Jackson M

(2015) The Redox State of Convergent Margin Magmas and Peridotites
Arculus R

(2015) The Sulphate Cycle in Subduction Zones. Another Clue to the Great Oxidation Event?
Klimm K, Bénard A, Woodland A, Arculus R & Ionov D

(2015) Theme 19: Geochemistry at Convergent Plate Boundaries – Facts, Surprises, Controversies, and Unknowns
Arculus R

(2015) Melt Inclusions as a Record of the Early Magmatic History of the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Island Arc
Brandl P, Arculus R, Hamada M & Exp. 351 scientists I

(2015) An Iron Isotopic Legacy of the Penrose Sequence in OIB
Nebel O, Sossi P, Arculus R & Woodhead J

(2015) Gateway to the Sub-Arc Mantle: Volatile Flux, Metal Transport, and Conditions for Early Life, Brothers Volcano, New Zealand
de Ronde C, Bach W, Arculus R, Humphris S, Takai K & Reysenbach A-L

(2015) A Convergence Rate Control on Subduction Zone Chemistry
Woodhead J, Hergt J, Osteby B, Edwards L, Greig A, Maas R, Bliss M, Johnson W & Arculus R

(2015) Composition within and between Tonga Arc/Lau Basin Backarc Eruptions Reveal Wide Variety of Parent Melts Linked to Eruption Styles
Rubin K, Michael P, Jenner F, Clague D, Glancy S, Hellebrand E, Arculus R, Gill J, Todd E, Lupton J & Embley R

(2015) On the Formation of Subalkaline Arc Magmas: Source and Primary Melt Characteristics Inferred from Xenoliths and Experiments
Benard A, Nebel O, Vasilyev P, Arculus R, Ionov D & Yaxley G

(2015) Contributions by M. J. O'Hara to the Debate Concerning Magma Generation in Arcs
Arculus R

(2014) The Abundance and Origin of Cl, Br and I in the Earth’s Mantle
Kendrick M, Kamenetsky V, Arculus R, Jackson M & Woodhead J

(2014) Wedge and Slab Inputs to Boninite Magmas in the NE Lau Basin
Glancy S, Rubin K, Hellebrand E, Jennner F, Arculus R & Embley R

(2014) A Temporal Perspective on Arc Crustal Growth from the Mariana Island Arc
Straub SM, Woodhead JD & Arculus RJ

(2014) Iron Isotope Compositions of Oceanic Arc Lavas
Nebel O, Sossi P, Whan T, Bènard A, Wille M, Vroon P & Arculus R

(2014) Noble Metal Enrichment in the Crust Through Hydrous Boninitic Melts
Bénard A, Park JW, Nebel O, Ionov DA, Arculus RJ, Alard O & Shimizu N

(2013) Helium Isotope and C/3He Signatures in the Northern Lau Basin: Distinguishing Arc, Backarc, and Hotspot Affinities
Lupton J, Lilley M, Butterfield D, Resing J, Arculus R, Rubin K, Graham D, Keller N, Baker E & Embley R

(2013) The Effect of AFC Processes and Source Oxidation on Fe Isotopes in Evolved Banda Arc Lavas
Nebel O, Arculus R, Wille M & Vroon P

(2013) The Competing Roles of Sulfide Saturation, Magma Mixing and Degassing during the Petrogenesis of Convergent Margin Magmas
Jenner F, Hauri E, Arculus R, Mavrogenes J, O'Neill H & Whan T

(2013) Subduction Zones as Probes of Mantle Composition
Arculus R

(2013) Melt Evolution from the Mantle Wedge to the Crust: Insights from South Kamchatka and West Bismarck Arc Xenoliths
Bénard A, McAlpine SRB, Nebel O, Tollan PME, Arculus RJ & Ionov DA

(2013) Insights into Mantle Processes from Water and Trace Elements in Olivine
Tollan P, Hermann J, Arculus R, O'Neill H & Davidson J

(2013) Timescale and Petrogenesis of 2009 and Older W. Mata Boninite Magmas
Rubin K, Michael P, Gill J, Clague D, Plank T, Escrig S, Glancy S, Todd E, Cooper L, Keller N, Soule A, Hellebrand E, Kelley K, Cottrell L, Jenner F, Arculus R, Ruprecht P, Lupton J, Langmuir C & Embley R

(2012) Mantle Flow, Slab-Surface Temperatures and Melting Dynamics in the North Tonga Arc Lau Basin
Turner S, Caulfield J, Arculus R, Dale C, Keller N, Pearce J & Macpherson C

(2012) PGE Systematics of Refractory Mantle: Role of Pt Alloy
Mungall J, Jenner F, Arculus R & Mavrogenes J

(2011) Pristine Mantle Xenoliths from the Active Bismarck Arc
McAlpine S & Arculus R

(2011) Modes of Mantle Flow and He Travel in the Northern Lau Backarc Basin
Arculus R, Nebel O, Jenner F, Mavrogenes J & Dyriw N

(2011) Distinguishing Arc, Backarc, and Hotspot Affinities Using Helium Isotope and C/3He Ratios
Lupton J, Resing J, Lilley M, Butterfield D, Keller N, Arculus R, Baker E & Embley R

(2011) Experimental Determination of the Hydrous Basalt Liquidus
Stamper C, Blundy J, Melekhova E & Arculus R

(2011) Occurrence of Reduction Induced Sulfide Saturation in Oxidised Arc Magmas
Whan T, Mavrogenes J & Arculus R

(2011) Chalcophile Element Systematics in the North West Lau Backarc Basin
Jenner F, Mavrogenes J, Arculus R & O'Neill H

(2011) Fractionation of HSE in the Tonga Arc: Flux Melting of a Depleted Source
Macpherson CG, Dale CW, Pearson GD, Hammond SJ & Arculus RJ

(2011) Hafnium Isotope Constraints on the Origin of Layered Intrusions and the Stabilisation of the Yilgarn Cratonic Lithosphere
Nebel O, Arculus RJ, Mavrogenes JA, Nebel-Jacobsen YJ & Ivanic TJ

(2011) The Longwood Igneous Complex of Southern New Zealand: An Intra-Oceanic, Subduction-Related Batholith
Price R, Spandler C & Arculus R

(2010) Deciphering Slab Inputs from Arc Outputs
Arculus R

(2010) Insights from Comparisons of Two Lau Back-Arc Spreading Centers
Escrig S, Langmuir C, Bézos A, Michael P & Arculus R

(2009) Hydrothermal Systems and Recent Eruptive Activity in the Northern Lau Basin, South Pacific Ocean
Lupton J, Resing J, Arculus R, Lilley M, Embley R, Baker E, Butterfield D, Nakamura K-I, Crowhurst P & Greene R

(2008) Variable H and O Isotopes in Tongan Basaltic Glasses: Source or Degassing?
Dale CW, Macpherson CG, Boyce AJ, Nowell GM, Pearson DG & Arculus RJ

(2007) Hf, Sr, Nd and Pb Isotopes in Primitive Tongan Lavas: Constraining Mobility in Slab Fluids
Dale C, Macpherson C, Pearson G, Nowell G, Hammond S & Arculus R

(2006) Metals and chlorine in the evolution of convergent margin magmas
Sun W, Arculus R, Kamenetsky V, Binns R & Liang H-Y

(2006) Late Cretaceous Construction of the SW Margin of the Caribbean Plate
Buchs D, Baumgartner P & Arculus R

(2006) Low-Calcium Olivine Crystals in Subduction-Related Magmas: Messengers From the Mantle or the Magma Chamber?
Elburg M, Kamenetsky VS, Arculus R & Thomas R

(2006) A refined geochemical dataset of volcanic rocks from the Kermadec intra-oceanic arc
Graham I, Smith I, Arculus R & Wright I

(2006) Prograde sulfide metamorphism and sulfide-silicate phase relations in blueschist and eclogite, New Caledonia
Brown J, Ellis D, Arculus R & Christy A

(2006) High water contents in Tonga arc magmas
Cooper L, Plank T & Arculus R

(2006) The 'Andesite Model' of Continental Crust origins
Arculus RJ

(2006) Role of the Overriding Plate in Arc Magma Evolution
Arculus RJ

(2006) Evolution of Western Pacific Arcs- the Ash record
Arculus RJ

(2006) Isotopic and geochemical constraints on the origin of the Sea of Japan
Okamura S, Arculus RJ & Martynov YA

(2005) Why Golden Fingers Point to the Arc?
Sun W, Arculus R, Kamenetsky V & Binns R

(2004) The Subduction Blender – The Role of Slab-Derived Hybrid Rock-Types for Volatile and Trace Element Recycling in Subduction Zones
Spandler C, Hermann J, Arculus R & Mavrogenes J

(2004) Copper-Gold Systematics and Arc Magmatism in the Eastern Manus Basin
Sun W, Arculus R & Kamenetsky D

(2002) A Lower Mantle Origin for the World‚s Biggest LIP? A High Precision Os Isotope Isochron from Ontong Java Plateau Basalts Drilled on ODP Leg 192
Parkinson I, Schaefer B, Shipboard Scientists OL1 & Arculus R

(2002) Rhenium Systematics in Submarine MORB, Arc and Back-Arc Basin Glasses by Laser Ablation ICP-MS
Sun W, Bennett V, Eggins S, Arculus R, Kamenetsky V & Falloon T

(2002) Metasomatic Origin of Pyroxenites in the Solomon Islands
Berly T, Hermann J, Arculus RJ & Lapierre H

(2000) Peridotites, Gabbros and Basalts Exposed on San Jorge, Santa Isabel and Choiseul Islands (Solomon Islands): Accretion of Ontong Java Plateau's Fragments or Exhumation of Arc Related Rocks?
Berly T, Arculus R, Lapierre H & Eggins S

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