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All abstracts by Stephanie Olson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Ocean Dynamics and the Oxygenation of Habitable Worlds
Olson S

(2019) Exo-Oceanography and the Search for Life in Uncharted Waters
Olson S, Jansen M & Abbot D

(2019) Ocean Heat Transport and Glaciation Dynamics on Tidally Locked Planets
Olson S, Checlair J & Abbot D

(2019) A Limited Habitable Zone for Complex Life
Schwieterman E, Reinhard C, Olson S, Harman C & Lyons T

(2018) The Importance of Ozone and UV Capability in Detecting Biosignatures on Planets with Intermediate Oxygenation States
Schwieterman E, Olson S, Reinhard C & Lyons T

(2018) Atmospheric Seasonality as an Exoplanet Biosignature
Olson S, Schwieterman E, Reinhard C, Ridgwell A, Meadows V & Lyons T

(2018) Disequilibrium Biosignatures on the Early Earth and their Detectability with the James Webb Space Telescope
Krissansen-Totton J, Olson S, Garland R, Irwin P & Catling D

(2017) Understanding the Interplay between S Source and Metal Availability in the Archean: An Example from the Jeerinah Formation
Gregory D, Olson S, Large R, Zhukova I, Kaufman A & Lyons T

(2017) Characterizing N2O as an Exoplanet Biosignature: Early Earth as a Template
Schwieterman E, Olson S, Reinhard C, Meadows V & Lyons T

(2017) Atmospheric Seasonality on the Early Earth: Implications for Remote Life Detection
Olson S, Schwieterman E, Reinhard C & Lyons T

(2016) Trace Element Patterns in Pyrite Nodules as a Window to Bioessential Metal Availability in Archean Marine Sediments
Gregory D, Lyons T, Large R, Olson S & Zhukova I

(2016) Nutrient-O2 Feedbacks and Proterozoic pO2 Regulation
Olson S, Reinhard C & Lyons T

(2015) Inorganic Hints of Archean Oxygenation in the ~2.7 Ga Roy Hill Shale
Olson S, Roy M, Lyons T, Ostrander C & Anbar A

(2014) Revisiting Molar Tooth Structures in Light of a Low Oxygen and Sulfate Mid-Proterozoic Ocean
Hancock L, Lyons T, Reinhard C, Wehrmann L, Bekker A, Olson S & Goldbaum E

(2014) Exploring the Effects of Oxidant Availability on the Early Methane Cycle
Olson S, Reinhard C & Lyons T

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