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All abstracts by Theodore Present in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Coupled Change in Ocean CO2 Chemistry and Global Climate in the Palaeozoic
Trudgill M, Jurikova H, Present T, Burke A, Bergmann K, Evans D, Finnegan S, Gray WR, Hints O, Lepland A, Prave T, Zimmt JB & Rae JWB

(2023) Reconstructing Global and Local Sulfur Cycle Evolution Using Carbonate Associate Sulfate in Ancient Sedimentary Strata
Paris G, Jouini A, Black VCF, Turchyn A(V, Johnson D, Adkins J & Present T

(2022) Primary Organic Matter Preserved in Chert from the Pre-Salt Barra Velha Formation
Moore KR, Grotzinger J, Crémière A, Present T, Bergmann K, Adams E & Amthor JE

(2022) Fluctuations in Ocean pH Across the Ordovician-Silurian Boundary
Trudgill M, Jurikova H, Present T, Bergmann K, Finnegan S, Hints O, Lepland A, Prave T, Zimmt JB & Rae JWB

(2022) Carbonate-Associated Sulfate Constrains on the Cretaceous Barra Velha Formation
Crémière A, Present T, Bergmann K, Moore KR, Grotzinger J, Sessions A, Eiler J, Fischer W, Adams E, Amthor JE & Adkins J

(2021) Diagenetic Constraints on the Drivers of Capitan Reef Encrustation
Bryant RN, Present T & Blättler C

(2021) Alkaline Earth Isotope Ratios Show Preservation Potential of Different Carbonate Sedimentary Components
Blättler C, Bryant RN & Present T

(2018) Sedimentary Sulfur Cycling in Oxygenated Deep Ocean Settings
Gutierrez M, Johnson D, Present T & Adkins J

(2018) Variance in Phanerozoic Marine Sulfate δ34S Proxies
Present T, Gutierrez M, Fischer W, Grotzinger J & Adkins J

(2014) Large δ34SCAS Variability Among Sedimentary Components in End-Ordovician-Age Strata
Present T, Paris G, Burke A, Fischer W & Adkins J

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