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All abstracts by Gildas Ratié in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Antimony Cycle in Wetland Under Climatic Events: Role of Fe Oxyhydroxides and Organic Matter
Ratié G, Battaglia-Brunet F, Freslon N, Vantelon D & Tournassat C

(2023) Coupling of Dissolved Silicon and Carbon in Temperate Wetlands
Court M, Moquet J-S, Simonneau A, Freslon N, Bouchez J, Derry LA, Ratié G, Mazeron J & Humbrecht A

(2023) Application of Iron-Based Nanoparticles in French Wetland Ecosystems: Reactivity, Iron Transformation and Pharmaceutical Removal
Veselská V, Ratié G, Simonneau A, Baragaño D, Kašlík J & Filip J

(2023) Speciation of Pharmaceutical Products and Trace Metals within the Aqueous/Sediment/Colloidal Fractions in a Suburban Watershed with Both Lab-Experimental and Field Approaches (Egoutier, France)
Humbrecht A, Simonneau A, Bernier-Turpin G, Thiebault T, Ratié G, Freslon N, Le Milbeau C, Boscardin R, Hatton M & Le Forestier L

(2019) Isotopic Fractionation of Cd and Zn onto Humic Acid at Low and High Ionic Strength
Ratié G, Michálková Z, Chrastný V, Marsac R, Alessi D & Komárek M

(2019) XAS Assessment of Cr Release from Sukinda Mining Overburden
Quantin C, Gelabert A, Ratié G, Bolanos-Benitez V, Vantelon D, Subramanian S & Sivry Y

(2017) Nickel-Hyperaccumulating Plants from the Serpentine Soils of Brazil: Vegetation Control on Ni Isotope Fractionation
Quantin C, Ratié G, Garnier J & Maia de Freitas A

(2017) Riverbank as Major Control of Trace Metal Flux between River and Wetland: Role of Ferric Deposits
Ratié G, Vantelon D, Davranche M & Gruau G

(2015) Nickel Isotope Fractionation during Smelting and Refining: A New Way to Trace the Sources of Ni in Soils
Ratié G, Garnier J, Jouvin D, Ettler V, Sivry Y & Quantin C

(2014) Nickel Isotopes Fate in an Ultramafic Complex
Ratié G, Jouvin D, Garnier J, Rouxel O, Miska S, Guimaraes E, Sivry Y, Emmanuelle M-P, Zelano I & Quantin C

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