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All abstracts by Daniel Fritz Stockli in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Duration of Ore Formation: Grasberg Porphyry Copper Deposit, Papua, Indonesia
Wafforn S, Cloos M & Stockli D

(2015) Rapid Cooling of HP Mafic Blocks in the Canadian Grenville Province: Insights from Garnet Zoning and Rutile U-Pb Depth Profiling
Marsh J, Smye A & Stockli D

(2015) Thermal Evolution of Continental Rifting in Corsica
Seymour N, Stockli D, Smye A & Beltrando M

(2015) Resolving Lithospheric Thermal Histories Using Accessory Phase Speedometry
Smye A & Stockli D

(2015) Assessing the Role of the Continental Arc Magmatic CO2 Flux on Icehouse–greenhouse Transitions: A ~720 Myr Record
McKenzie R, Horton B, Stockli D, Loomis S & Lee C-T

(2014) Reconciling the Detrital Zircon Record with Continental Tectonic Histories: Case Studies from India and South America
McKenzie R, Horton B, Hughes N, Myrow P & Stockli D

(2014) Rutile U-Pb Age Depth Profiling: A Continuous Recorder of Lithospheric Thermal Evolution
Smye A, Stockli D & Zack T

(2014) Quantifying the Effects of Radiation Damage on Helium Diffusion in Damaged Zircon
Goldsmith AS, Stockli DF, Ketcham RA & Creason CG

(2014) Depth-Profile Laser-Ablation-Split-Stream ICP-MS U-Pb and Trace Element Analysis and (U-Th)/He Double Dating of Accessory Minerals
Stockli D, Stockli L, Smye A & Seman S

(2014) Popigai Impact and the Eocene/Oligocene Boundary Mass Extinction
Wielicki M, Harrison M & Stockli D

(2014) (U-Th)/He Dating of Magnetites in Serpentinites
Hernandez Goldstein E, Stockli D, Ketcham R & Seman S

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