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All abstracts by Shu-Zhong Shen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Uranium Isotopes in Permian Marine Carbonates and Calcitic Brachiopods: Validation of the Global Paleoredox Proxy and Implications for Ocean Oxygenation in the Permian
Wang W, Zhang F, Shen S, Bizzarro M, Garbelli C & Dahl TW

(2020) The Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event was Promoted by Persistent Deep Oceanic Anoxia
Zhang F, Stockey R, Planavsky N, Fan J, Li N, Finnegan S, Edwards C, Goldberg S, Saltzman M, Dahl T, Bergmann K, Sperling E, Zhang H, Wang X & Shen S-Z

(2018) Mg Isotope Clue for Restriction of the Tethys Ocean during the P-T Transition
Li W, Hu Z, Zhang H, Krainer K, Zheng Q & Shen S

(2018) Insights into the End-Permian Mass Extinction from High-Precision U-Pb Geochronology: Progress and Future Prospects
Ramezani J, Shen S-Z, Chen J, Erwin D, Zhang H, Henderson C & Bowring S

(2014) Permian Ice Volume and Palaeoclimate History: Evidences from Oxygen Isotope of Conodont Apatite
Chen B, Joachimski M, Shen S-Z, Lambert L, Lai X-L, Wang X-D, Chen J & Yuan D-X

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