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All abstracts by Daniel Demaiffe in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Geophysical and Petrological Constraints for Ultramafic-Alkaline-Carbonatite Magmatism in the Tajno Intrusion, NE Poland
Wiszniewska J, Krzeminska E, Petecki Z, Grabarczyk A & Demaiffe D

(2015) Syntectonic Emplacement of an Alkaline Massif in Burundi: Consequences on Fluid-Rock Interaction and Element (REE, HFSE) Mobility
Boulvais P, Cobert C, Baele J-M, Tack L, Nimpagaritse G, Midende G, Gardien V, Demaiffe D & Decrée S

(2014) Magmatism, Hydrothermalism and Complex (REE and HFSE) Mineralized System in the Upper Ruvubu Alkaline Massif, Burundi
Decrée S, Boulvais P, Cobert C, Baele J-M, Gardien V, Tack L & Demaiffe D

(2013) C and O Isotope Compositions of the Matongo Carbonatite (Burundi): New Insights into Alteration and REE Mineralization Processes
Boulvais P, Decrée S, Cobert C, Midende G, Tack L, Gardien V & Demaiffe D

(2010) A New Early Carboniferous Alkaline Province in the Crystalline Basement of NE Poland
Wiszniewska J, Krzeminska E, Krzeminski L, Demaiffe D, Stein H & Williams I

(2005) Variscan Moho beneath the French Massif Central: A Xenolith Perspective from Puy Beaunit
Demaiffe D, Femenias O & Berger J

(2005) Strontium Isotopes Highlight Change in Ca Souces in Forest Ecosystems
Drouet T, Herbauts J & Demaiffe D

(2002) Geochemical Evidence for Metasomatic Clinopyroxenes in Lesotho Peridotites
Coussaert N, André L, Mercier J-CC & Demaiffe D

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