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All abstracts by Attila Demény in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Geochemistry and Fossil Record of the End-Triassic Event: A Holistic View from a Single Site
Pálfy J, Demény A, Haas J, Heszler B, Katchinoff J, Kovács EB, Palcsu L, Planavsky NJ, Somlyay A, Vallner Z & Zajzon N

(2021) Does Dawsonite Preserve Mantle CO2 Signature? Implication for CO2 Origin at Covasna, Eastern Transylvania, Romania
Lange TP, Cseresznyés D, Szakács A, Czuppon G, Papucs A, Kővágó Á, Gelencsér O, Gál Á, Király C, Szabó Á, Gyila S, Palcsu L, Demény A, Szabó C, Falus G & Kovács IJ

(2020) Isotope Fractionation Factors of Dawsonite -Tracing the Formation Environment
Czuppon G, Purgstaller B, Dietzel M, Cseresznyés D, Leis A, Demény A, Kesjár D, Kovács I, Király C, Szabó C & Falus G

(2020) Stable Isotope Composition of Dawsonite from Different Environments: Implication for Constrain the Origin and Formation Condition
Cseresznyés D, Czuppon G, Király C, Györe D, Gilfillan S, Kesjár D, Demény A, Szabó C & Falus G

(2019) Determination of the Stable Isotope Composition of Dawsonite and its Application to Trace its Origin
Czuppon G, Purgstaller B, Dietzel M, Cseresznyés D, Kesjár D, Kovács I, Demény A, Király C, Mavromatis V, Szabó C & Falus G

(2016) The 8.2 Event as Recorded by Compbined H-C-O Isotope Composition in Speleothem in Central Europe: Implications for Changes in Moisture Sources and Precipitation Seasonality
Czuppon G, Demény A, Siklósy Z, Lin K, Baykara O & Shen C-C

(2016) Growth Dynamics of Geothermal Carbonate Scalings: Petrographic, Trace Element & Stable/Clumped Isotopic Studies
Boch R, Mindszenty A, Szanyi J, Kluge T, Leis A, Deák J, Demeny A & Dietzel M

(2013) A Novel Method of Stable H and O Isotope Analyses of Inclusion-Hosted Waters Based on Laser Spectroscopy
Demény A & Czuppon G

(2011) A Warming-Cooling Cycle between 3.8 and 3.2 ky BP: Correlations of Speleothem and Bivalve Compositions with Ice Core Records
Demény A, Schöll-Barna G, Siklósy Z, Serlegi G, Sümegi P & Bondár M

(2011) C, O and H Isotope Compositions of the Wilmott and Yungul ‘Carbonatites’ and the Associated Fluorites in the Speewah Dome, Kimberley Region, Australia
Czuppon G, Demény A, Gwalani L, Ramsay R, Rogers K, Eves A & Szabó C

(2007) Climate Changes and Volcanic Signals during the Bronze Age: A Stalagmite Record
Siklosy Z, Demeny A, Vennemann TW, Hegner E, Kramers J & Leel-Ossy S

(2007) Hydrochemistry of Four Tropical Watersheds in Central Panama
Lyons WB, Harmon R, Mitasova H, Forizs I & Demeny A

(2002) Trace Element and Isotopic Evidence for Subduction-Related Carbonate-Silicate Melts in Mantle Xenoliths from the Pannonian Basin, Hungary
DemÈny A, Vennemann T, Hegner E, Embey-Isztin A, Homonnay Z & Milton A

(2002) Carbon and Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Carbonatite Complexes from the Kola Peninsula, Russia
Zaitsev A, DemÈny A, Wall F, Sindern S, Sitnikova M & Karchevsky P

(2000) Stable Isotope, FeIII/FeII, and Trace Element Evidence for Subduction-Related Fluids in the Upper Mantle beneath the Pannonian Basin
Demeny A, Vennemann T, Homonnay Z, Embey-Isztin A & Dobosi G

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