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All abstracts by Christy B. Till in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Using Experimental Petrology to Explore Exoplanet Melts and Solidi: Preliminary Implications for Habitability
Brugman K, Phillips MG & Till CB

(2019) Stars to Planets: Experimental Determination of Exoplanet Mantle Solidi and Crust Compositions
Brugman K, Phillips M & Till C

(2019) Oxidation of the Mantle Wedge by H in Aqueous Fluids: A New Interdisciplinary Approach
Iacovino K, Guild M & Till CB

(2019) Redox Model for Silicate Melts at Mantle Conditions
Wolf AS, Ghiorso MS, Till C & Unterborn C

(2018) Early Solar System Chronometry Using Presolar Grains
Bose M, Till C & Floss C

(2018) Solid-Earth Processes are Key Drivers in the Evolution of Earth’s Redox State and Set the Stage for the Great Oxidation Event
Hartnett H, Till C, Anbar A, Glaser D, Guild M, Iacovino K, Johnson A, Leong J & Ostrander C

(2018) Mg Diffusion in Alkali Feldspar; Applications for Diffusion Chronometry in Magmatic Systems
Shamloo H & Till C

(2018) Towards Assessing the Causes of Volcanic Diversity at the Arc Scale
Till CB, Kent AJR, Abers GA, Janiszewski HA, Gaherty JB & Pitcher BW

(2018) Can Slab Fluids Oxidize the Sub-Arc Mantle?
Iacovino K & Till C

(2015) Experimental Constraints on Lithium Diffusion and Isotope Fractionation in Water-Bearing Magmatic Systems
Cichy SB, Hervig RL, Roggensack K, Till CB & Clarke AB

(2014) Insight into Arc Magma Genesis from the Higashi-Akaishi Peridotite, Japan
Till CB, Grove TL, Carlson RW, Wallis S & Mizukami T

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