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All abstracts by Amrika Deonarine in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Role of Geochemistry and Non-Mercury Methylators in Supporting Mercury Methylation in Aquatic Sediments
Wang Y, Ikuma K, Varonka M, Brooks SC & Deonarine A

(2022) Porewater Mercury, Particle Size and Mercury Speciation as Predictors for Mercury Methylation in Aquatic Sediments
Ziaei Jam H, Wang Y, Deonarine A, Lowry G, Bireta P & Reible D

(2016) Arsenic Speciation in Bituminous Coal Fly Ash and Transformations in Response to Redox Conditions
Deonarine A, Kolker A, Foster A, Doughten M, Holland J & Bailoo J

(2012) Transformations of Mercury, Arsenic and Selenium in River Sediments Contaminated with Coal Ash: Field and Laboratory Studies
Schwartz G, Deonarine A, Ruhl L, Vengosh A, Bartov G, Johnson T & Hsu-Kim H

(2011) Influence of Dissolved Organic Matter for the Precipitation of Nanoparticulate Metal Sulfides
Hsu-Kim H, Deonarine A, Gondikas A, Morris A, Zhang T, Aiken G & Ryan J

(2010) Sorption of Natural Organic Ligands to Silver and Zinc Sulfide Nanoparticles: Implications for Aggregation and Dissolution
Hsu-Kim H, Gondikas A, Deonarine A, Masion A & Auffan M

(2010) Riverine Mercury Contamination after the 2008 Coal Ash Spill at the Kingston Fossil Plant, TN
Deonarine A, Hsu-Kim H, Ruhl L & Vengosh A

(2010) Growth and Aggregation of ZnS Nanoparticles during Coprecipitation with Aquatic Humic Substances
Gondikas A, Deonarine A, Hsu-Kim H, Aiken G, Ryan J, Masion A & Auffan M

(2008) Stabilization of Nanoparticulate HgS and ZnS by Thiols and Humic Substances during Metal-Sulfide Precipitation
Hsu-Kim H, Deonarine A & Lau B

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