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All abstracts by Donald J. DePaolo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Uranium Isotopes Constrain Sediment Transport Times to the Bengal Fan
Clinger A, DePaolo D & Christensen J

(2020) Insights into Crystal Growth Pathways from Isotopic Tracers, Molecular Simulations, and Theory
Lammers L, Mills J & DePaolo D

(2020) Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Systems and the History of the Oceans
DePaolo D & Stolper D

(2020) Ca Isotope and Trace Element Evidence for Non-Monomer Impurity Incorporation during Calcite Growth
Mills JV, Barnhart HA, DePaolo DJ & Lammers LN

(2020) The Seawater Sr/Ca Ratio in the Past 50 Myr from Bulk Carbonate Sediments Corrected for Diagenesis
Zhang S, Zhou R & DePaolo D

(2020) Ca Isotope Constraints on Chemical Weathering along the Middle Reaches of Yangtze River, China
Yang Y, DePaolo D & Wang Y

(2019) U-Series Comminution Ages Constrain Quaternary Sediment Transport Times to the Bengal Fan
Clinger A, DePaolo D, Brown S & Christensen J

(2019) 2D Reactive Transport Models of Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Systems
DePaolo D, Sonnenthal E & Pester N

(2019) Carbon Sequestration Geochemistry: Advances and Continuing Challenges
DePaolo D

(2019) Isotopic Fingerprint of Se Reduction in Groundwater: Results from a Field Experiment
Basu A, Schilling K, Brown ST, Johnson TM, Reimus PW & DePaolo DJ

(2019) Quantitative Model for Abiotic Uranium Isotope Fractionation
Brown S, Christensen J & DePaolo D

(2016) Simulating Fracture Alteration Caused by CO2-water-Rock Interactions
Deng H, Steefel C, Molins S & DePaolo D

(2016) Uranium Isotope Fractionation: a Critical Review
Brown S, Basu A, Christensen J & DePaolo D

(2016) Calcium Isotopic Fractionation by Carbonate Precipitation from High pH Waters at the Cedars, CA
Christensen JN, Conrad ME, DePaolo DJ & Brown ST

(2016) Isotopic Mapping of a Redox Boundary: Heterogeneities Across a Roll-Front U Deposit
Basu A, Brown S & DePaolo D

(2016) Kinetic Isotope Effects during Calcite Growth: Sensors of Paleoenvironment and Mineral Surface Dynamics
DePaolo D

(2016) Effect of Paleoseawater Composition on Hydrothermal Exchange at Mid-Ocean Ridges
Antonelli M & DePaolo D

(2016) Large Ca Isotope Fractionation in Granulite Facies Minerals
Antonelli M & DePaolo D

(2015) Fracture Properties in Geothermal Systems from Stable and Radiogenic Isotopes
Brown ST, Christensen JN, Sonnenthal EL, Kennedy BM, Sturchio NC, Nakagawa S, Wanner C & DePaolo DJ

(2015) Ca Isotope Constraints on Early Triassic Marine Carbonate Chemistry
Lau K, Maher K, Altiner D, Brown S, DePaolo D, Eisenhauer A, Jost A, Kelley B, Kump L, Lehrmann D, Paytan A, Silva Tamayo JC, Yu M & Payne J

(2015) Selenium Isotope Ratios as Novel Redox Proxies to Detect the Onset of U(VI) Reduction in Groundwater
Basu A, Schilling K, Brown ST, Johnson TM, Christensen JN, DePaolo DJ, Reimus PW & Heikoop JM

(2014) The Source and Persistence of Kinetic Isotope Effects in Ionic Minerals
Nielsen L, Watkins J, DePaolo D, Hunt J & Ryerson R

(2014) The Influence of pH on the Oxygen Isotope Composition of Calcite
Hunt J, Watkins J, Ryerson F & DePaolo D

(2014) The Ca Isotope Composition of Altered MORB
Brown S, Antonelli M, Staudigel H, Owens T & DePaolo D

(2014) Calcium Isotope Evidence for End-Triassic Ocean Acidification
Jost AB, Bachan A, van der Schootbrugge B, DePaolo DJ & Payne JL

(2014) Origin of the Early Miocene Potassic and Ultrapotassic Rocks in Xungba Basin, Southwestern Tibet
Zhao Z, Liu D, Zhu D-C, Niu Y, Mo X, DePaolo DJ & Harrison TM

(2014) Uranium Remediation at an in situ Recovery (ISR) Site: Isotope Ratios as Indicators of Reducing Enviroments
Basu A, Brown ST, Christensen JN, DePaolo DJ, Reimus PW, Heikoop JM, Schilling K & Johnson TM

(2014) Thermal and Chemical Diffusion in the Liquid System Albite-Anorthite
DePaolo D, Watkins J & Ryerson F

(2014) K and Ca Isotopic Fractionation by Plants
Qin L, Christensen J, Brown S & DePaolo D

(2014) Reactive Transport Modeling of Stable Carbon Isotope Fractionation during Carbon Sequestration
Zhang S, DePaolo D & Zheng L

(2014) Stable Isotope Evidences for Groundwater Recharge and Mixing in the Datong Basin, Northern China
Li J, DePaolo D, Owens T, Wang Y & Xie X

(2014) Sulfur Isotopic Compositions of Deep Arc Cumulates: Implications for Redox Conditions and Metal Mobility in Subduction Zones
Lee C-T, Yang W, Ingram L, Chin E, Yu X, DePaolo D & Leeman W

(2013) Multiple Isotopic Tracers to Monitor Remediation of Uranium Solution Mining
Brown S, Christensen J, DePaolo D, Basu A, Reimus P, Simmons A & Heikoop J

(2013) Influence of Kinetics on the Oxygen Isotope Composition of Calcite
Watkins J, Nielsen L, Ryerson F & DePaolo D

(2012) Calcium Isotope Fractionation as a Function of Solution Stoichiometry in Groundwater
Druhan J, Steefel C, Williams K, Neilsen L & DePaolo D

(2012) Me/Ca Proxies and Foram Biomineralization: The Role of Cation Transport
Gagnon A, DeYoreo J, DePaolo D, Spero H, Russell A & Giuffre A

(2012) Thermodynamic Feedbacks in Kinetic Trace Metal-Calcite Solid Solution Formation
Nielsen L, DePaolo D & De Yoreo J

(2012) Calcium Isotopes: Keystone for Understanding Isotopic Fractionation and Planetary Material Processes
DePaolo D

(2012) Kinetic Isotope Fractionation of Ionic Species in D2O and Methanol
Hofmann AE, Bourg IC, Christensen JN & DePaolo DJ

(2012) Chlorite Dissolution Rates in scCO2- Saturated Saline Water at 100℃ and 100 Bar
Zhang S, Yang L, Depaolo D & Steefel C

(2011) A Meso-Scale Laboratory Study of Stable Isotope Variations during Uranium Bioremediation
Druhan J, Steefel C, Conrad M & DePaolo D

(2011) Calcium Isotopes during Coral Biomineralization
Gagnon A, DePaolo D, Adkins J & De Yoreo J

(2011) Reactive Transport Modeling of Carbon Sequestration in Volcanogenic Sandstone Formations
Zhang S, Depaolo D & Xu T

(2011) Effect of Ionic Strength on Ca Isotope and Sr Incorporation into Calcite
Watkins J, DePaolo D, Ryerson F & Gonzales M

(2011) Influence of Solute-Solvent Interactions on Mass Discrimination during Chemical Diffusion
DePaolo D, Watkins J & Ryerson F

(2011) Ion Desolvation as a Mechanism for Kinetic Isotope Fractionation
Hofmann AE, Bourg IC & DePaolo DJ

(2011) Molecular Model of Kinetic Isotope Fractionation during Surface-Controlled Growth of CaCO3 from Aqueous Solution
Nielsen L, DePaolo D & De Yoreo J

(2010) Calcium Isotope Fractionation in Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Systems
Brown S, DePaolo D, Turchyn A & Alt J

(2010) Hf Isotopes in Zircon: Implications for Magma Evolution at Long Valley
Simon JI, DePaolo DJ, Weis D, Renne P & Mundil R

(2010) Radiogenic and Non-Traditional Isotopic Tracers of Subsurface CO2
DePaolo D, Christensen J & Conrad M

(2010) Kinetic Theory of Isotopic and Trace Element Partitioning between Calcite and Aqueous Solution
DePaolo D

(2010) Permeability Reduction, Calcium and Sulfur Isotope Fractionation during Uranium Bioremediation
Druhan J, Conrad M, Williams K & DePaolo D

(2010) Isotope Separation by Diffusion: Competing Effects of Chemical and Isotopic Exchange
Watkins J, Peterson B & DePaolo D

(2010) Uranium Isotopic Systematics of the 300 Area (Hanford, WA) Groundwater Plume and U-Contaminated Sediments
Christensen JN, McKinley JP, Conrad ME, Stoliker D, Dresel PE, DePaolo DJ & Zachara JM

(2010) Carbon Sequestration Geochemistry
DePaolo D

(2009) Theory for Isotopic Fractionation during Mineral Precipitation from Aqueous Solutions
DePaolo D

(2009) Isotope Fractionation by Diffusion of Multi-Atom Chemical Species in Silicate Liquids
Watkins J, DePaolo D, Huber C & Ryerson F

(2009) Origin of the Calcium Isotopic Composition of Rocky Planets
Simon J & DePaolo D

(2009) A Calcium Isotope Excursion Across the Permian-Triassic Boundary
Payne J, Turchyn A, Paytan A, DePaolo D, Lehrmann D, Yu Y & Wei J

(2009) Isotopic Signatures for Key Mineralogical Reactions Accompanying Biostimulated Uranium Reduction
Druhan JL, Conrad ME, Williams KH, Sonnenthal EL & DePaolo DJ

(2009) A Pb (and Sr) Isotopic Return Address for Trans-Pacific Transported Aerosols
Christensen JN, Ewing SA, Brown ST, VanCuren RA, Cliff SS & DePaolo DJ

(2009) Reconstructing Hydrothermal Vent Chemistry Through Analysis of Vein Minerals
Turchyn A, Alt J, Brown S, DePaolo D, Coggon R, Chi G, Skulski T & Bedard J

(2008) Ca Isotopes and the Rainfall Limit of Silicate Weathering on Earth
Ewing S, Amundson R, Stewart BW, Thiemens M & DePaolo D

(2008) U-Series Comminution Ages from a Pleistocene Alluvial Fan
Lee V, DePaolo D & Christensen J

(2008) Water Isotopes during the Last Glacial Maximum: New GCM Calculations
Lee J-E, Fung I, DePaolo D & Otto-Bliesner B

(2008) Regional Isotopic Patterns in Granitic Rocks of Southern Tibet and Evolution of Crustal Structure during the Indo-Asian Collision
DePaolo D, Weaver K, Mo X, Zhao Z & Harrison TM

(2008) Diffusive Isotope Fractionation Experiments and the Structural Components of Silicate Liquids
Watkins J, DePaolo D & Ryerson F

(2007) Using Isotopes to Track Intercontinental Dust Transport: Building a Bridge from Hefei, China to California, Spring 2002
Christensen J, Cliff S, VanCuren R, Perry K & DePaolo D

(2007) Non-Biological Fractionation of Ca Isotopes in Soils of the Atacama Desert, Chile
Ewing S, Yang W, DePaolo D & Amundson R

(2007) Kinetic Isotope Effects in Snow Crystal Growth: Lattice-Boltzman Approach
DePaolo D & Lu G

(2007) Geochemistry of Post-Shield Lavas from Paired Loa- and Kea-Trend Hawaiian Volcanoes
Hanano D, Weis D, Aciego S, Scoates JS & DePaolo DJ

(2007) A Crack in the Lithosphere Cannot Hawaii Make: Geodynamics and Mantle Geochemistry
DePaolo D

(2007) U-Series Comminution Ages: Depositional Age and Transport Times for Non-Marine Sediments
Lee V, DePaolo D & Christensen J

(2007) Effects of Rapid Diagenetic Calcite Deposition on Carbonate Associated Sulfate and Calcium Isotopes
Turchyn AV, DePaolo DJ, Steefel CI & Schrag DP

(2007) Constraining Reaction Rates in Marine Carbonate Sediments Using Reactive Transport Modeling: Investigating the Effects of Diagenesis on Sr, Ca, and Mg
Fantle M & DePaolo D

(2006) Geochemical Stratigraphy Near the Core-mantle Boundary: Evidence from Hawaii Drilling Project Results
Depaolo D & Weaver K

(2006) Combining U-Th/He eruption age dating and 3He cosmogenic dating to constrain landscape evolution.
Aciego S, Lamb M, Depaolo D, Kennedy M & Dietrich W

(2005) Isotopic Effects in Reactive Fluid-Rock Systems with Fracture-Dominated Flow and Matrix Diffusion
DePaolo D & Smith M

(2005) Cenozoic Kamafugite in West Qinling, China: Age and Geochemistry
Zhao Z, Zhang H, Yu X, Mo X & DePaolo D

(2005) U-Th/He Dating of Basalt
Aciego S, DePaolo D, Kennedy B & Christensen J

(2005) Rates of Silicate Dissolution in Deep-Sea Sediments
Maher K, Steefel C & DePaolo D

(2005) Pressure-Temperature Controls on Slab-Derived Fluid Chemistry
Feineman M, Ryerson F & DePaolo D

(2005) Sr-Isotopic Evolution of the Mantle
Weaver K & DePaolo D

(2004) Quantitative Models for the Composition of Slab-Derived Fluids
Feineman M, Ryerson F & Depaolo D

(2004) Fe Isotopic Composition of Rivers
Fantle M, Bullen T & Depaolo D

(2004) U-234/U-238 Disequilibrium as a Measure of Weathering Rates in Soils and Sediments
Maher K, Steefel C & Depaolo D

(2004) He-3 and Other Isotopes in the Lower Mantle: The HSDP Perspective
Depaolo D

(2004) Sr – Nd Isotope and Trace Element Geochemistry of Precambrian Zircon: A Potential New Source of Information on Early Earth Mantle Evolution
Weaver K, Depaolo D, Bennett V & Nutman A

(2002) Can Metamorphic Reactions Proceed Faster Than Strain?
Baxter E & DePaolo D

(2002) Steady-State 226Ra/230Th Disequilibrium in Hydrous Mantle Minerals
Feineman MD, DePaolo DJ & Ryerson FJ

(2002) 238U and 230Th Excesses in Kolbeinsey Ridge Basalts
Sims K, Mattielli N, Elliott T, Kelemen P, DePaolo D & Mertz D

(2001) Measurement of Reaction Rates in Natural Fluid-Rock Systems Using Sr and U Isotopes
DePaolo DJ

(2001) Importance of the ‘Transmissive Timescale’ for Ar in the Crust and a Hypothesis for Local Non-K Bearing Mineral Sinks for Ar
Baxter EF, DePaolo DJ & Renne PR

(2000) Sr and Ar Isotopic Variations About a Lithologic Contact Near Simplon Pass, Switzerland: Implications for Diffusional Exchange and Geochronology
Baxter EF, DePaolo DJ & Renne PR

(2000) Structure of the Hawaiian Plume from the Isotopic Trail of Senescence of the Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea Volcanoes
Bryce JG, Shuster DL, Dodson A, DePaolo DJ & Kennedy BM

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