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All abstracts by Bastien Wild in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) In situ Techniques to Investigate the Dynamics of Mineral Interfaces Dissolving Under Laboratory and Field Conditions
Wild B, Fernandez-Martinez M, Daval D, Bourg IC & Knauss K

(2023) Shedding New Light on Basaltic Glass Weathering by Combining Reactor and Soil Column Experiments
Pusztai Á, Wild B, Feder F & Daval D

(2023) Mineral Substrate and Fluid Redox Conditions Control Cell Density in Attached Biofilms: In situ Incubations in Deep Groundwater
Osorio-Leon I-D, Wild B, Bouchez C, Gérard E, Quaiser A, Lavenant N, Bouquerel H, Ménez B, Le Borgne T & Dufresne A

(2023) What can Dissolution Anisotropy Teach us About Crystal Reactivity?
Daval D, Bouissonnié A, Stigliano L, Pollet-Villard M, Wild B, Bas-Lorillot J, Noiriel C & Ackerer P

(2023) Silicate Reactivity and Microbial Diversity Promoted by Water-Basalt Interactions Under Subsurface Conditions
Bas-Lorillot J, Wild B, Menez B, Daval D, Stefánsson A, Gunnarsson-Robin J, Bríet Bjarkadóttir A, Aðalsteinsdóttir SM, Borrel G & Gérard E

(2022) In situ Mineral Probes of Local Fluid-Mineral Interactions in Soils
Wild B, Lammers LN, Zhang X, White C & Bourg IC

(2021) Mineral Weathering and Nutrient Cycling at the Early Stages of Soil Development
Aranda Reina C, Wild B, Cama J & Bourg I

(2021) Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Water and Ion Permeation Across Silica Nanopores in the Context of Silicate Weathering
Wild B, White C & Bourg I

(2020) Multiscale Investigation of Fluid-Silicate Interfaces and their Control on Dissolution Kinetics
Wild B, White C & Bourg I

(2019) Control of Silicate-Fluid Interactions by Nanoporous Interfacial Systems
Wild B, Koishi A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Daval D, White C & Bourg I

(2019) Do Silicate Dissolution Rate Constants Really Exist? Discussing the Thermodynamic Driving Force of Silicate Dissolution
Daval D, Bouissonnie A, Wild B, Pollet-Villard M, Fernandez-Martinez A & Ackerer P

(2018) The Properties of Interfacial Layers Revealed by in situ X-Ray Reflectivity and Vertical Scanning Interferometry
Wild B, Daval D, Micha J-S, Ackerer P & Fernandez-Martinez A

(2017) Effects of Microstructural Changes Associated with Silicate Dissolution on (Bio)weathering Rates
Wild B, Daval D, Guyot F, Fernandez-Martinez A, Remusat L, Bernard S, Rébiscoul D, Micha J-S, Narteau C, Rozier O & Imfeld G

(2017) A Novel Approach to Quantify Factors Controlling Silicate Weathering Rates from the Laboratory to the Field
Wild B, Imfeld G, Beaulieu E, Guyot F & Daval D

(2014) Chemical Weathering Rates of Feldspars: A Stepwise Approach from Laboratory to Field Estimates
Wild B, Daval D, Imfeld G, Saldi GD & Knauss KG

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