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All abstracts by Ariadne Argyraki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) A Manual of Standard Methods for Establishing the Global Geochemical Reference Network
Sanjuan PA, Demetriades A, Johnson CC, Smith D, Ladenberger A, Stouraiti C, Argyraki A, de Caritat P, Knights K, Rincón GP & Simubali GN

(2021) Is Magnetic Susceptibility a Good Proxy for Geochemically Reactive Potentially Toxic Elements in Soils?
Botsou F, Argyraki A & Kelepertzis E

(2019) Groundwater Pressures in Cr(VI) Impacted Aquifers of Central Greece
Argyraki A, Pyrgaki K, Kelepertzis E, Megremi I, Botsou F & Dermatas D

(2019) Assessing the Natural Background of Cr(VI) Impacted Aquifers in Central Greece
Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Megremi I, Karavoltsos S & Dassenakis E

(2019) Linking N Cycle to Contamination of Groundwater by Geogenic Cr(VI)
Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Boeckx P & Megremi I

(2017) Trace Metal(oid) Stabilization by Raw and Thermally Modified Geo-Materials as Soil Amendments
Argyraki A, Lampiri M, Kypritidou Z & Zotiadis V

(2017) Geogenic Occurrence of CrVI in Groundwater of Northeast Peloponnese, Greece
Pyrgaki K, Argyraki A, Kelepertzis E, Botsou F, Paraskevopoulou V, Mitsis I & Dassenakis E

(2017) Metal Resource Potential of Modern Sea-Floor Massive Sulfides at Kolumbo Shallow-Submarine Arc-Volcano (Santorini), Greece
Kilias S, Zygouri E, Nomikou P, Chrysafeni M, Ivarsson M, Chi Fru E, El Albani A, Zack T, Pitcairn I, Argyraki A, Polymenakou P & Carey S

(2017) LA-ICP-MS Evidence for Au-Cu Coupling in Modern Sea-Floor Massive Sulfides, Kolumbo Arc-Volcano (Santorini), Greece
Zygouri E, Kilias S, Zack T, Pitcairn I, Chi Fru E, Nomikou P, Argyraki A, Ivarsson M, Polymenakou P & Carey S

(2015) Proterozoic Arsenic Dynamics Controlled by Glaciations
Chi Fru E, Arvestål E, Callac N, El Albani A, Kilias S, Argyraki A & Jakobsson M

(2015) Metagenomics and Biogeochemistry of Shallow Submarine Vent Field, Spathi Bay, Milos Island, Greece
Callac N, Hemmingsson C, Posth N, Ivarsson M, Argyraki A, Kilias S & Chi Fru E

(2013) Sorption of Pb(II) from Aqueous Solution by Greek Attapulgite Clay
Argyraki A, Messini P & Zotiadis V

(2013) Antimony in Hydrothermal Chimneys of Kolumbo Shallow-Submarine Vent Field (Santorini, Greece)
Kilias S, Godelitsas A, Gamaletsos P, Mertzimekis T, Nomikou P, Göttlicher J, Steininger R, Argyraki A, Gousgouni M & Papanikolaou D

(2011) Mobilization of Pb from Weathered Shots at a Firing Range in Athens, Greece
Argyraki A, Godelitsas A, Petrakaki N, Astilleros JM & Karageorgis A

(2009) Characterization of Sources of Inhalable Particulate Matter (PM10) in the Old Processing and Smelting Site of Lavrion, Greece
Skarpelis N, Argyraki A & Grypioti A

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