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All abstracts by Cornel E. J. de Ronde in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Seventeen Years of Exploring Intraoceanic Arcs
de Ronde C

(2015) Gateway to the Sub-Arc Mantle: Volatile Flux, Metal Transport, and Conditions for Early Life, Brothers Volcano, New Zealand
de Ronde C, Bach W, Arculus R, Humphris S, Takai K & Reysenbach A-L

(2015) Influence of Hikurangi Plateau Subduction on the Kermadec Arc Volcanoes Rumble II East and West
Timm C, Leybourne M, Wysoczanski R, Hoernle K, Hauff F, Handler M, Caratori-Tontini F & de Ronde C

(2013) Invisible Gold in Arc Volcanic Glasses
Timm C, Reyes A, Gill S, Layton-Matthews D, Leybourne M, de Ronde C & Henley R

(2011) Effects of Louisville Seamount Subduction: Geochemical Evidence from Central Tonga-Kermadec Arc Volcanoes
Timm C, Graham I, Leybourne M, de Ronde C & Woodhead J

(2010) Submarine Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems at the Monowai Volcanic Centre, Kermadec Arc
Leybourne M, de Ronde C, Baker E, Faure K, Walker S & Resing J

(2010) Multi-Phase Fluid Flow Simulations of Brothers Volcano: Application of Realistic Constraints
Gruen G, Driesner T, de Ronde CEJ & Heinrich CA

(2009) Controls on Hydrothermal System Styles in Submarine Arc Volcanoes
Gruen G, Driesner T, de Ronde CEJ & Heinrich CA

(2009) Hydrothermal Systems of Intraoceanic Arcs
de Ronde C, Baker E, Embley R, John L, Butterfield D, Faure K, Leybourne M, Chadwick W, Ishibashi J, Reising J, Walker S, Merle S & Greene R

(2006) Hydrothermal mineralization in arc-type submarine volcanoes
Reyes AG, Massoth G, De Ronde C & Wright IC

(2006) Submarine hydrothermal activity along the mid-Kermadec arc, New Zealand: Large-scale effects on venting
De Ronde CEJ, Baker ET, Massoth GJ, Lupton JE, Wright IC, Sparks RJ, Walker SL, Greene RR, Bannister SC, Reyners ME, Ishibashi J & Faure K

(2001) Submarine Hydrothermal Venting Associated with an Active Arc Front: Southern Kermadec Arc, New Zealand
de Ronde CEJ, Massoth GJ, Baker ET & Lupton JE

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