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All abstracts by Louis A. Derry in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) The Carbon Budget of the Himalayan Orogeny from Source to Sink
France-Lanord C, Derry LA, Feakins SJ, Galy A, Galy V, Girault F, Lupker M & Tachambalath A

(2020) The Convolution of Time and Weathering Intensity on the Fate of Runoff-To-Groundwater Partitioning in the Island of Hawai’i
Perez-Fodich A & Derry L

(2020) Weathering Mass Losses, Plastic Deformation and Hydrologic Evolution in a Volcanic Landscape
Derry L & Chadwick O

(2015) Ge/Si Ratios Indicating Hydrothermal and Sulfide Weathering Input to Rivers of the Eastern Tibetan Plateau and Mt. Baekdu
Han Y, Huh Y & Derry L

(2013) Resolving Inconsistent Sedimentary Carbon Mass Balances: Implications for Ancient C and S Cycles
Derry L

(2012) Weathering of Voclanics and the Geological Carbon Cycle
Derry L

(2012) Magnesium Isotopic Fractionation in Arid Hawaiian Soils
Trostle K, Derry L, Vigier N & Chadwick O

(2011) Reconciling Multiple Constraints on Late Cenozoic Erosion and Weathering Fluxes: Can We do it?
Derry L

(2010) Bicarbonate Fluxes from Rivers Draining Ophiolites and Volcanoes, Luzon, Philippines
Schopka H, Derry L & Arcilla C

(2007) Ge/Si Fractionation by Higher Plants: Mechanisms and Applications to Biogeochemical Cycles
Derry L, Sparks J & Chandra S

(2007) Quantifying Mineral Aerosol Inputs and the Mobility of "Immobile" Elements in Weathering Studies
Pett-Ridge J, Derry L & Kurtz A

(2007) Geomorphology and Chemical Weathering on Basaltic Islands
Schopka H & Derry L

(2006) U-series disequilibrium investigation of a weathering profile in a tropical granitoid watershed, Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Pett-Ridge J & Derry L

(2005) Solute Sources in a Tropical Granitoid Watershed, Luquillo, Puerto Rico
Kurtz A, Pett-Ridge J, Lugolobi F, Derry L & Troester J

(2004) WSSC: An Initiative to Study Earth’s Weathering Engine
Brantley S, Chadwick O, Derry L, Kump L & White A

(2004) A Ge/Si, 234U/238U, and 87Sr/86Sr Investigation of Weathering Reactions and Flowpaths in a Tropical Granitoid Watershed
Pett-Ridge J, Kurtz A, Derry L & Troester J

(2002) Tracing Hydrothermal and Metamorphic Fluxes of CO2 and Solutes from the Central Himalaya
Derry LA, Evans M & France-Lanord C

(2001) The Influence of Bioturbation on the Early Cambrian Carbon Cycle
Fermann EJ & Derry LA

(2001) Germanium Cycling in Amazon-Shelf Sediment Porewaters: A Tracer of Reverse Weathering?
Kurtz AC, Kump LR, Aller RA & Derry LA

(2001) Plant Phytolith Source of Dissolved Silica in Hawaiian Streams from Ge/Si Ratios
Derry LA, Kurtz AC, Ziegler K, Chadwick OA & Kelley EF

(2000) Erosion Processes and Fluxes in the Central Himalaya from Geochemical Constraints
France-Lanord C, Galy A, Gajurel A, Derry L, Evans M, Hurtrez J, Riotte J, Pierson-Wickmann A & Rose E

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