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All abstracts by David Des Marais in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Recent Mineralogical Discoveries in Gale Crater, Mars from the CheMin XRD Instrument, Demonstrating a Watery Past
Tu V, Rampe EB, Bristow T, Thorpe MT, Blake D, Vaniman D, Morris RV, Ming DW, Yen A, Achilles C, Castle N, Morrison SM, Downs G, Downs R, Craig P, Des Marais D, Treiman A, Chipera S, Peretyazhko T, Simpson S & Wilson M

(2016) Selective Chemical Degradation of Microbial Mat Residues and Implications for Lipid Biomarker Preservation
Lee C, Love G, Jahnke L & Des Marais D

(2016) Improving the Accuracy of Unit-Cell Parameters Obtained from the CheMin Instrument on Mars Through an Internally Calibrated Sample Cell Offset
Morrison SM, Downs RT, Blake DF, Vaniman DT, Ming DW, Rampe EB, Bristow TF, Chipera SJ, Yen AS, Morris RV, Treiman AH, Sarrazin PC, Achilles CN, Fendrich KV, Morookian JM, Crisp JA, Farmer JD, Des Marais DJ & Craig PI

(2016) Constraining Hesperian Martian PCO2 from Mineral Analysis at Gale Crater
Bristow T, Haberle R, Blake D, Vaniman D, Grotzinger J, Siebach K, Des Marias D, Rampe E, Eigenbrode J, Sutter B, Fairén A, Mischna M & Vasavada A

(2016) Mineralogy of Eolian Sands at Gale Crater, Mars
Achilles C, Downs R, Vaniman D, Yen A, Blake D, Morris R, Ming D, Rampe E, Morrison S, Bristow T, Chipera S, Ehlmann B, Lapotre M, Fendrich K, Sarrazin P, Craig P, Crisp J, Grotzinger J, Des Marais D & Farmer J

(2016) Mineralogical and Geochemical Trends in a Fluviolacustrine Sequence in Gale Crater, Mars
Rampe E, Ming D, Morris R, Blake D, Vaniman D, Bristow T, Chipera S, Yen A, Grotzinger J, Farmer J, Des Marais D, Morrison S, Gellert R, Achilles C, Downs R, Treiman A, Craig P, Fendrich K & Fairen A

(2014) Transformations and Fates of Lipid Biomarkers in Microbial Mat Ecosystems
Jahnke L, Lee C, Parenteau M, Carlson M, Kubo M, Love G & Des Marais D

(2014) Lipid Biomarkers in Acidic Ecosystems: Relevance to Early Earth
Parenteau N, Jahnke L, Bristow T, Carlson M, Harris R, Farmer J & Des Marais D

(2010) Potentially Habitable Ancient Environments in Gusev Crater, Mars
Des Marais D & Athena Science Team 

(2009) Hints of Habitable Environments on Mars Challenge our Studies of Mars Analog Sites on Earth
Des Marais D

(2008) Exploring for Photosynthesis in Deep Time and Space
Des Marais D

(2006) Potential lifestyles in ancient environments of Gusev crater, Mars
Des Marais D

(2002) Biogeochemical Carbon Cycles during the Archean and Early Proterozoic
Des Marais D

(2001) Stable Carbon Isotope Ratios of Lipid Biomarkers and Biomass for Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria Grown with Different Substrates
Londry KL, Jahnke LL & Des Marais DJ

(2001) Composition of Hydrothermal Vent Microbial Communities as Revealed by Analyses of Signature Lipids, Stable Carbon Isotopes & Aquificales Cultures
Jahnke LL, Eder W, Huber R, Hinrichs K-U, Hayes JM, Des Marais DJ, Cady SL, Hope JM & Summons RE

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