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All abstracts by Omid H. Ardakani in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Impact of Climate Warming on the Speciation and Long-Term Stability of Arsenic in sub-Arctic Lakes: Implications for Environmental Monitoring of Mine Sites
Miller CB, Parsons MB, Jamieson HE, Ardakani OH, Swindles GT, Nasser NA, Gregory BR, Patterson TR & Galloway JM

(2019) Clumped Isotope Geothermometry of an Ordovician Carbonate Reef Mound, Hudson Bay Basin
Jautzy JJ, Savard MM, Lavoie D, Ardakani OH, Anna S, Dhillon R & Defliese WF

(2018) Molybdenum Molecular Geochemistry in Distinct Solid Phases Reveal Strong Heterogeneity in Black Shales
Hlohowskyj S, Ardakani O, Sanei H, Wood J & Chappaz A

(2017) Evidence for Localized Severe Euxinia during Lower Jurassic in Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: A Multi-Paleo Proxies Study
Ardakani OH, Chappaz A, Sanei H, Mayer B & Wieser M

(2017) Does High Molybdenum Enrichment in Sedimentary Records Always Require Past Anoxic Conditions?
Ardakani OH, Sanei H, Chappaz A, Haghnazar-Liseroudi M & Wood JM

(2016) Dolomite Fluorescence Color Variation, Chemical or Thermal Effect, LA-ICP-MS Evidence
Ardakani OH, Sanei H, Jackson SE, Yang Z & Al-Aasm IS

(2015) Geochemistry and Petrology of a Middle Triassic Source Rock in the Canadian Arctic
Kondla DM, Sanei H, Ardakani OH, Ghanizadeh A, Aquino S & Clarkson CR

(2015) The Importance of Thermal Maturity for Molybdenum Geochemistry in Black Shale: Implications for the Paleo – Proxy
Ardakani OH, Chappaz A & Sanei H

(2015) Geochemical Fractionation of Organic Matter as Applied to Unconventional Petroleum Reservoir Quality
Sanei H, Wood JM, Ardakani OH & Clarkson CR

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