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All abstracts by Matteo Alvaro in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Elastic Thermobarometry: A Novel Approach to Constrain Entrapment P-T Conditions of Subduction Fluid Event
Spránitz T, Szabó C, Gilio M, Alvaro M, Blažeková M, Konečný P, Váczi T & Berkesi M

(2023) Zoned Sm-Nd Geochronology Reveals Rapid Garnet Megablast Growth in Dora-Maira Whiteschists
Croft KL, Harvey KM, Alvaro M, Scambelluri M, Walker S, Starr PG, Gilio M, Baxter EF, Williams ML & Jercinovic MJ

(2022) Experimental Evaluation of Anisotropic Elastic Thermobarometry Applied to Stiff Mineral Inclusions in Soft Hosts: First Evaluation of Zircon Inclusions in Quartz
Gonzalez JP, Thomas JB, Mazzucchelli ML, Angel RJ & Alvaro M

(2022) Evolution of Fluids from a Subduction Zone: Unraveling P-T and Compositional Evolution Path Based on Complex Inclusion Study
Spránitz T, Padrón-Navarta JA, Szabó C, Gilio M, Alvaro M, Szabó A & Berkesi M

(2021) Sulphide Inclusions and the Age of Diamond Formation: Does Protogeneity Matter?
Pamato MG, Novella D, Jacob D, Oliveira B, Pearson DG, Greene S, Afonso JC, Favero M, Stachel T, Alvaro M & Nestola F

(2021) Heterogeneous Mineral Nucleation Controls the Thermodynamic Equilibria in Multiphase Inclusions
Malaspina N, Campione M, Alvaro M, La Fortezza M, Tumiati S & Scambelluri M

(2021) Genesis and Depth of Formation of Ferropericlase Inclusions within Super-Deep Diamonds
Lorenzon S, Nestola F, Pamato MG, Novella D, Nimis P, Marone F, Anzolini C, Mazzucchelli ML, Alvaro M, Regier M, Stachel T, Pearson DG & Harris J

(2020) Truth or Dare on Mineral Inclusions
Alvaro M, Angel R & Mazzucchelli M

(2020) A Dry Origin of 4-Vesta Estimated by the Water Content in Pyroxenes from the HED
Nazzareni S, Pauselli C, Skogny H, Murri M, Domeneghetti MC, Alvaro M, Stalder R, Petrelli M, De Sanctis MC, Formisano M & Federico C

(2019) Viscosity of Pyroxenite Melt and its Evolutionduring Cooling
Vetere F, Murri M, Alvaro M, Domeneghetti C, Rossi S, Pisello A, Perugini D & Holtz F

(2019) Raman Elastic Geobarometry to Infer Unique P-T Conditions of Host-Inclusion Systems from UHPM Rocks
Murri M, Korsakov AV, Angel RJ, Prencipe M, Mihailova BD & Alvaro M

(2019) Quartz Inclusions from Eclogite Xenoliths Record Past Subduction
Mazzucchelli ML, Angel RJ, Morganti S, Murri M, Campomenosi N, Scambelluri M, Marone F, Korsakov AV, Morana M & Alvaro M

(2019) Preserved Quartz Inclusions from Eclogite Xenoliths Record Past Subduction in Siberian Craton
Alvaro M, Mazzucchelli ML, Angel RJ, Murri M, Campomenosi N, Scambelluri M, Nestola F, Korsakov A, Tomilenko A, Marone F & Morana M

(2019) Assessing the Reliability of Elastic Geobarometry Methods
Bonazzi M, Tumiati S, Thomas J, Angel RJ & Alvaro M

(2019) Elastic Geothermobarometry on Multiple Inclusions in a Single Host
Gilio M, Alvaro M & Scambelluri M

(2019) Origin of Diamonds in Ureilites
Nestola F, Barbaro A, Morana M, Christ O, Brenker F, Domeneghetti MC, Dalconi MC, Alvaro M, Goodrich C, Fioretti AM, Leoni M & Shaddad MH

(2018) Geothermobarometry of Inclusions from Raman Spectroscopy: Advantages and Limitations
Alvaro M, Campomenosi N, Mazzucchelli ML, Mihailova BD, Scambelluri M & Angel RJ

(2015) Diamond-Eclogitic Garnet Pair: A Test Case to Elastic Geobarometry
Milani S, Nestola F, Alvaro M & Stagno V

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