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All abstracts by Jean-Luc Devidal in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Redox Control on Nb/Ta Fractionation: New Constraints on the Earth-Moon System
Cartier C, Hammouda T, Boyet M, Bouhifd MA & Devidal J-L

(2013) Major Melting on EL Enstatite Chondrite Parent Body
Hammouda T, Boyet M, Moine B, Cartier C & Devidal J-L

(2013) Fayalite Oxidation Processes at Obsidian Cliffs, Oregon
Martin A, Médard E, Devouard B, Keller L, Righter K, Devidal J-L & Rahman Z

(2013) Microstructures and Geochemistry in the Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle of NE Spain
Fernández-Roig M, Galán G, Oliveras V, Pin C, Grégoire M & Devidal J-L

(2013) Sub-Micrometer Scale Chemical Mapping of Complex Monazites: The Contribution of the NanoSIMS
Bosse V, Didier A, Paquette J-L, Mostefaoui S & Devidal J-L

(2013) NanoSIMS Mapping Combined to in situ Trace Element Analyses and U-Th-Pb Dating in Monazite: A Chemical Record of Three Successive Events
Didier A, Bosse V, Mostefaoui S, Bouloton J, Devidal J-L & Paquette J-L

(2013) Nb/Ta Decoupling Under Low Fo<sub>2</Sub>
Cartier C, Hammouda T, Bouhifd MA, Boyet M & Devidal J-L

(2012) No REE into the Earth's Core
Bouhifd MA, Boyet M, Andrault D, Bolfan-Casanova N & Devidal J-L

(2012) The Role of Sulfides on High Field-Strength Element Budget during Enstatite Chondrite Melting
Hammouda T, Cartier C, Boyet M, Moine B & Devidal J-L

(2007) Disturbance of the Monazite U-Th-Pb Chronometer by Fluids: A Study Combining Stable Isotopes and in situ Dating
Boulvais P, Bosse V, Gautier P, Tiepolo M, Ruffet G & Devidal J-L

(2005) Standard Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Lanthanides and Solubility of Synthetic Pure Nd Monazite
Pourtier E, Ballerat-Busserolles K, Devidal J, Gibert F & Majer V

(2004) Lanthanide Behaviour in Hydrothermal Fluids
Pourtier E, Ballerat-Busserolles K, Devidal J, Gibert F & Majer V

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