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All abstracts by Benedetto De Vivo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Baseline Mapping and Multivariate Statistics as a Tool to Discriminate the Sources of Contaminants in an Urban Environment: The Commune of Santiago (Chile) Case Study
Albanese S, Aruta A, Daniele L, De Vivo B, Lima A, Cannatelli C & Buscher JT

(2021) A High Resolution Multimedia Environmental Monitoring Project at Regional and Local Scale: The Campania Region (Southern Italy) Case Study
De Vivo B, Lima A, Cicchella D, Qu C, Hope D, Fortelli A, Cerino P, Esposito M, Pizzolante A & Albanese S

(2020) Hazard from Soil Contamination in the Gold Mining District of Kedougou (Senegal, Africa)
Thiombane M, De Vivo B, Niane B, Watts MJ, Marriott A & Di Bonito M

(2020) Magma Mixing Recorded by Chronologically Constrained Melt Inclusions
Esposito R, Badescu K, Boyce J, Manning CE, Bodnar R, Steele-MacInnis M & De Vivo B

(2020) Fluid and Melt Inclusion Evidence for Immiscibility at Somma Vesuvius Volcano (Italy)
Lima A, Bodnar R & De Vivo B

(2018) The Occurrence of OCPs, PCBs, and PAHs in the Air of Naples, Southern Italy
Qu C, Albanese S, Lima A, Hope D, Fortelli A & De Vivo B

(2015) Geochemistry and Crystallisation Depths of Selected Lavas of the Panarea Volcanic Group, Aeolian Islands, Italy
Doherty A, Cannatelli C, Belkin H, Lima A & De Vivo B

(2015) Discrimination of Subduction Components with B and Be Systematics in the Aeolian Island Arc, Italy
Zamboni D, Gazel E, Cannatelli C, Atlas ZD, Lucchi F, De Vivo B & Ryan JG

(2015) Heavy Metals in Soil of Campania Region (Italy): Sources and Risks
De Vivo B, Albanese S, Lima A, Buccianti A, Cicchella D, Minolfi G, Rezza C & Qu C

(2014) Post-Eruption Chlorine-Rich Phase Formation in the Campanian Ignimbrite, Southern Italy
Belkin H, De Vivo B & Lima A

(2013) The URGE Project in Italy: The Acerra–Pomigliano-Marigliano Conurbation
Albanese S, Lima A, Rezza C, Ferullo G, De Vivo B, Chen W & Qi S

(2013) Source of Magmas that Generated Eruptive Products at Mt. Somma-Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei Based on Melt Inclusions Data
Cannatelli C, Esposito R, Lima A, De Vivo B & Bodnar RJ

(2013) Geochemical Atlas of Italian Soils
Cicchella D, Albanese S, Dinelli E, Giaccio L, Lima A, Valera P & De Vivo B

(2013) Tracing the Origin and Evolution of the Parental Magmas of the Grey Porri Tuffs, Island of Salina, Italy
Doherty A, Bodnar R, Cannatelli C, Esposito R, De Vivo B & Messina A

(2013) The Origin of Geochemical Anomalies in Top Soils of Eastern-Central Peloritani Mountains (Sicily, Italy)
Cosenza A, Ayuso R, Foley N, Albanese S, Lima A, Messina A & De Vivo B

(2013) Ascent of Magmas Associated with the Solchiaro Eruption Procida Island (Italy) Based on Melt Inclusions and Glasses
Esposito R, Steele-MacInnis M, Cannatelli C, Lima A, De Vivo B & Bodnar RJ

(2013) REE Contents in Soils and Sediments from the GEMAS and FOREGS Data-Bases: Comparison between Different Geological Contexts in Italy and Sweden
Sadeghi M, Petrosino P, Andersson M, Albanese S, Ladenberger A, Morris GA, Uhlbäck J, Lima A & De Vivo B

(2013) GEMAS Results at a Regional Scale: The Alps
Dinelli E, Lancianese V, Albanese S, Birke M, De Vivo B, Gosar M, Hasliger E, Hayoz P, Reitner H & Salpeteur I

(2012) Solubilities of H-O-C-S-Cl Volatiles in Fluids and Silicate Melts and their Control on Magmatic Processes
Webster J, Goldoff B, Sintoni F & De Vivo B

(2012) Magma Chamber Heterogeneities Recorded by Melt Inclusions from Mt. Somma-Vesuvius, Italy
Klebesz R, Bodnar R, De Vivo B, Esposito R, Lima A, Petrosino P & Torok K

(2012) Pre-Eruptive Volatile Contents of Silicate Melt Inclusions Hosted in the Grey Porri Tuffs of Monte dei Porri Volcano, Island of Salina, Aeolian Islands, Southern Italy
Doherty A, Bodnar R, De Vivo B, Esposito R & Messina A

(2011) Magmatic Processes during the Formation of Monte dei Porri Volcano, Island of Salina, Aeolian Islands, Italy
Doherty A, De Vivo B, Bodnar R, Belkin H & Messina A

(2011) Origin of the Nodules in the 18.6 ka Sarno Plinian Eruption of Mt. Somma-Vesuvius (Italy) and their Significance
Klebesz R, Bodnar RJ & De Vivo B

(2009) Environmental Geochemical Mapping of Soils in the City of Huelva (SW Spain)
Guillén Herrera MT, Delgado J, Nieto Liñan JM, Albanese S, Lima A & De Vivo B

(2007) Factor Analysis Interpretation of Geochemical Atlas of Europe Data
De Vos W, Batista M-J, Demetriades A, Pirc S, Albanese S, De Vivo B, Bidovec M & Martins L

(2005) Mass Transport in S- and Cl-Bearing Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids
Webster J, Sintoni MF & De Vivo B

(2004) Compositional Variation of Epidote in the Campi Flegrei Geothermal Field, Naples, Italy
Belkin H & de Vivo B

(2004) Geochemical Environmental Maps of Soils of Campania Region Urban Areas, Italy
de Vivo B, Lima A, Albanese S, Cicchella D, Fedele L & Frattini P

(2002) Advantages and Limitations of Quantifying Melt Inclusion Chemistry by LA-ICPMS, EMP and SIMS
Pettke T, Webster J, Halter W, Heinrich C, Aigner-Torres M & De Vivo B

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