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All abstracts by Aline Dia in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Complexation of As(III) by Organic Matter: Model Highlights Thiol Groups Implications
Catrouillet C, Davranche M, Dia A, Bouhnik Le Coz M & Gruau G

(2011) Competition between Lanthanides and Al for Humic Acid Binding
Marsac R, Davranche M, Gruau G & Dia A

(2011) Key Impact of Soil (Fe/Organic C) Ratio on REE Shallow Groundwater Patterns
Pédrot M, Dia A, Davranche M & Gruau G

(2007) An Innovative Tool for in situ Monitoring of Fe and Associated Trace Metal Mobilization in Soils
Fakih M, Davranche M, Dia A, Petitjean P, Châtellier X & Gruau G

(2007) Bacterial Surfaces Inhibit the Oxidation of Fe(II)
Châtellier X, Fakih M, Davranche M, Dia A & Daughney C

(2005) Organo-Colloidal Control on Trace-Element Distribution in Shallow Groundwaters: Fingerprinting by Ultracentrifugal Cells
Dia A, Morin E, Pourret O, Gruau G, Davranche M & Henin O

(2005) Organic Speciation of Rare Earth Elements in Natural Waters: Comparing Speciation Models and Ultrafiltration Experiments
Pourret O, Gruau G, Davranche M & Dia A

(2005) Investigation of Iron Oxyhydroxides Reduction and Associated Metals Release in Soils Using an in situ Iron-Coated Support
Davranche M, Vogt L, Dia A, Gruau G & Nowack B

(2004) Dissolved Organic Matter Characterization: A Challenge to Understand Trace Metal Distribution in Surface Waters
Dia A, Dufaud F, Gruau G, Grybos M & Henin O

(2004) Impact of Organic Complexation on Ce(III) Oxidation and REE Adsorption onto Mn and Fe Oxides
Gruau G, Davranche M, Pourret O & Dia A

(2002) Multiple Origin of Water Salinization in a Coastal Aquifer, South India – Geochemical Point of View
Gassama N, Violette S, d'Ozouville N & Dia A

(2002) Eolian Dust Contribution to Soils on Mount Cameroon
Chauvel C, Dia A & Bulourde M

(2001) Origin of the 234U-238U Fractionation in Surface Waters of Mount Cameroon
Riotte J, Chabaux F, Benedetti M, Dia A, Boulègue J & Gérard M

(2000) The Effects of Organic Matter and Seasonal Redox Dynamics on Chemical Weathering: Constraints from Natural Wetland Studies
Gruau G, Dia A, Olivie-Lauquet G & Serrat E

(2000) Chlorine Recycling in Subduction Zones: New Constraints from Chlorine Stable Isotopes
Godon A, Jendrzejewski N, Castrec-Rouelle M, Dia A, Pineau F, Boulègue J & Javoy M

(2000) Chemical Weathering of Basaltic Lava Flows Suffering Extreme Climatic Conditions: The Water Geochemistry Record
Dia A, Benedetti M, Riotte J, Chabaux F, Boulègue J, Bulourde M, Chauvel C, Gérard M, Deruelle B & Ildefonse P

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