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All abstracts by Thomas DiChristina in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Combining Geochemical Measurements and Omics to Investigate Competitive Anaerobic Redox Dynamics in Sediments
Eitel E, Moran A, Shin H-D, Patin N, Bertagnolli A, Kemner K, Brooks S, Pennacchio C, Kaplan D, Stewart F, DiChristina T & Taillefert M

(2018) Metaproteomics Reveal Uncharacterized Betaproteobacterial Electron Conduits
Szeinbaum N, Henny C, Crowe S, Stewart F, DiChristina T, Reinhard C, Nunn B & Glass J

(2016) How did Ferruginous Archean Oceans Make Methane?
Glass J, Bray M, Wu J, Reed B, Kretz C, Stewart F, DiChristina T, Brandes J, Fowle D & Crowe S

(2016) Geochemical Controls of Competitive Inhibition of Microbial Uranium Reduction by Iron Oxides
Belli K, DiChristina T, Van Cappellen P & Taillefert M

(2014) How Microorganisms Breathe Metals: Molecular Mechanism of Microbial Metal Respiration
DiChristina T

(2010) Uranium Biomineralization Through the Activities of Microbial Phytases
Salome K, DiChristina T, Martinez R, Sobecky P & Taillefert M

(2010) Non-Reductive Dissolution of Iron Oxides by <i>Shewanella oneidensis</I> during Dissimilatory Fe(III) Reduction
Jones M, Fennessey C, DiChristina T & Taillefert M

(2010) Mechanism of Electron Transfer during Dissimilatory Mn(IV) Reduction by Shewanella oneidensis MR-1
Lin H, Burns J, DiChristina T & Taillefert M

(2009) Adhesion of Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 to Iron (Oxy)(hydr)oxides: Microcolony Formation and Isotherm
Zhang M, Ginn B, DiChristina T & Stack A

(2009) Dissolution Morphology of Iron (Oxy)(hydr)oxides Exposed to Shewanella oneidensis
Stack A, Zhang M, Ginn B & DiChristina T

(2007) Dissolution Morphology as an Indicator of Respiration Mechanism in S. oneidensis
Zhang M, Dale J, Dichristina T & Stack A

(2005) New Insights into the Molecular Mechanism of Microbial Metal Respiration
DiChristina T

(2005) Scanning Electrochemcial Microscopy (SECM) Studies on Microbial Metal Respiration Using Pt/Hg Amalgam Microelectrodes
Rudolph D, Bates D, DiChristina T, Mizaikoff B & Kranz C

(2005) Formation of Soluble organic-Fe(III) Complexes during Microbial Iron Reduction
Carey E, Burns J, DiChristina TJ & Taillefert M

(2005) Unravelling the Effects of Macrofauna, Macrophytes and Microbes on Iron and Sulfate Reduction in Saltmarsh Sediments
Koretsky C, Moore C, DiChristina T & Van Cappellen P

(2002) Seasonal Oscillations in Microbial Iron and Sulfate Reduction in Saltmarsh Sediments
Koretsky C, Moore C, Meile C, DiChristina T & Van Cappellen P

(2001) Effects of Aqueous Organic Complexation on Metabolic Fe(III) Reduction by Shewanella putrefaciens
Haas JR, Morgan N & DiChristina TJ

(2000) Thermodynamics of Reversible Proton Exchange and Metal Sorption onto Shewanella putrefaciens
Haas J & DiChristina T

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