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All abstracts by Jeffrey Dick in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) An Interactive Atlas of Geochemical Diagrams for Critical Metals
Bastrakov E, Brugger J, Dick J, Guan Q, Liu W, Mei Y & Migdissov A

(2019) From Oxidation to Hydration in Chemical Signatures of Metagenomes
Dick J, Tan J & Yu M

(2019) Thermodynamic Evolution of the Magnesian Iron Skarn from the Galinge Fe Skarn Deposit in Qinghai, Western China
Yu M, Dick J, Mao J, Feng C & Li B

(2019) GeoTPD — an Interactive Online Tool for Geochemical Modelling for the Broad Geological Community
Bastrakov E & Dick J

(2018) Multistage Ilvaite-Bearing Assemblages from the Galinge Skarn Fe Deposit, Western China: A Record of Retrograde Alteration
Yu M, Dick JM, Feng C, Li B, Mao J, Lu A & Zhu Y

(2018) Changes in Carbon Oxidation State of Metagenomes along Geochemical Redox Gradients
Dick J, Tan J, Yu M & Lu A

(2014) Organic Matter Distal to Macraes Gold Deposit, New Zealand
Hu S, Evans K, Rempel K, Craw D, Grice K & Dick J

(2014) The Role of Organics in Au Systems: Relationships between Black Carbon and Mineralisation
Grotheer H, Robert A, Lockhart R, Greenwood P, Dick J, Yeats C & Grice K

(2014) Combined Sulfur, Carbon and Redox Budget Constraints on Genetic Models for Clastic-Dominated Base-Metal Sulfide Deposits: Examples from the Here’s Your Chance Pb-Zn Deposit, Australia
Dick J, Evans K, Holman A, Leach D & Grice K

(2012) Organic Geochemical Insights into the Formation of the Here's Your Chance Lead-Zinc-Silver Deposit
Holman A, Grice K, Jaraula C, Dick J, Schimmelmann A & Evans K

(2012) Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Phenanthrene and Isomers of Methylphenanthrene at High Temperature
Dick J, Evans K, Holman A, Jaraula C & Grice K

(2010) Abiotic Organic Synthesis in Clays
Holloway J, Williams L, Canfield B, Dick J, Hartnett H & Shock E

(2009) A Thermodynamic Model for Microbial Diversity in a Range of Geochemical Settings
Dick J & Shock E

(2007) Toward Calculation of the Thermodynamic Stabilities of Proteins in the Deep Biosphere
Dick J & Helgeson H

(2005) Phase Relations in the System CHO and the Generation of Petroleum in Hydrocarbon Source Rocks
Helgeson H, Schmitt A, Richard L & Dick J

(2004) Toward Calculation of the Thermodynamic Stabilities of Proteins in the Deep Biosphere
Dick J, Larowe D & Helgeson H

(2001) Thermodynamic and Chemical Constraints on the Biotic and Abiotic Synthesis of Biomacromolecules
Helgeson HC, LaRowe DE & Dick JM

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