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All abstracts by Chunfei Chen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Calcium Isotope Constraints on the Mantle Sources of Volatile-Rich Alkaline Magmas
Chen C, Foley SF, Liu Y & Tappe S

(2023) Lost in Subduction: Nitrogen Mobility in Fluids Indicates its Low Recycling Efficiency in Cold Slabs
Förster MW, Chen C, Foley SF, Alard O & Yaxley GM

(2023) Genesis of Small-Volume Alkali-Tholeiitic Basalts: Implications for the Geochemical Continuum of Intraplate Basalts
Xie Q, Zhang Z, Foley SF, Chen C, Cheng Z, Wang Y, Kong W, Lv Y, Jin Q, Krmíček L, Zhu X-K & M S

(2022) Photo-Induced Force Microscopy: A Novel AFM-Based nano-Ir Method for Phase Identification on the Nano-Scale
Förster MW, Chen C, Ezad IS, O’Reilly P, Nowak D, Park S & Jacob DE

(2021) Oxidization of the Mantle Caused by Recycling of Sedimentary Carbonates may Contribute to the Formation of Iron-Rich Mantle Melts
He D, Liu Y, Chen C, Foley SF & Ducea M

(2021) Calcium Isotope Compositions and Fractionation in the Mantle and Oceanic Crust
Chen C, Foley SF, Wang Z & Liu Y

(2019) Calcium Isotope Compositions of Mantle Pyroxenites and Peridotites in Hannuoba, China: Insights into Mantle Ca Isotope Heterogeneity
Dai W, Wang Z, Chen C, Liu Y, Li M & Zhou L

(2019) Platinum Group Element Mobilization in Mantle Caused by Recycled Sedimentary Carbonate
He D, Liu Y, Chen C, Zong K & Hu Z

(2018) Mantle Recycling of Sedimentary Carbonate along the Northern Margin of the North China Craton
Liu Y, Foley SF, Chen C, He D & Zong K

(2017) Carbonated Sediment Recycling and its Contribution to Lithospheric Refertilization Under the Northern North China Craton
Chen C, Liu Y, Foley SF & Ducea MN

(2017) Constant Cu/Ag in Mantle Pyroxenites, MORBs and OIBs – Implications for the Formation of Continental Crust
Wang Z, Liu Y, Becker H, Hoffmann E & Chen C

(2016) SiC-Dominated Ultra-Reduced Mineral Assemblage in Carbonatitic Xenolith from the Dalihu Basalt, Inner Mongolia, China
He D, Liu Y, Gao C, Chen C, Hu Z & Gao S

(2015) A Golden Spike for the Paleo-Asian Oceanic Slab Subduction Under the North China Craton
Chen C, Liu Y & He D

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