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All abstracts by Tom Caquineau in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Globally Asynchronous Sulfur Isotope Signals Require Re-definition of the Great Oxidation Event
Philippot P, Ávila J, Killingsworth B, Baton F, Caquineau T, Muller E, Pecoits E, Cartigny P, Tessalina S, Lalonde S, Ireland T, Thomazo C, Van Kranendonk M & Busigny V

(2017) A Two Billion Years-Long History Recorded in the 2.45 – 2.2 Ga Old Sedimentary Succession of Turee Creek Group, Western Australia
Caquineau T, Paquette J-L & Philippot P

(2016) In situ U-Pb Zircon Dating of the Meteorite Bore Member Diamictite: Constraints on the Paleoproterozoic Glaciations and the Great Oxidation Event (GOE)
Caquineau T, Paquette J-L & Philippot P

(2015) U-Pb Monazite Dating of the Turee Creek Group Sedimentary Succession: Implications on the Rise of Oxygen and Glacial Events
Caquineau T, Paquette J-L, François C, Van-Kranendonk M & Philippot P

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