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All abstracts by Martin Dietzel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Geochemical and Isotopic Evolution of Thermal Water of São Miguel, Azores (Portugal)
Woitischek J, Dietzel M, Cruz JV, Leis A & Böttcher M

(2015) Ambiguous Pore Plugging during Geothermal Reinjection: 3D-Sandstone Characterization and Experimental Simulations
Petschacher N, Hippler D, Böchzelt B & Dietzel M

(2015) Experimental Diagenesis: Exploring the Impact of Differential Fluid Temperature and Chemistry on Biogenic Aragonite
Ritter A-C, Mavromatis V, Dietzel M, Schmahl W, Griesshaber E, Casella L, Koelen J, Neuser R, Niedermayr A, Buhl D & Immenhauser A

(2015) Precipitation of Mg-Rich Amorphous Calcium Carbonate and its Transformation to Mg-Calcite
Purgstaller B, Mavromatis V, Dietzel M & Immenhauser A

(2015) New Insights from Precipitation Experiments of Aragonite-Strontianite Solid Solutions at Ambient Temperature
Konrad F, Mavromatis V, Baldermann A & Dietzel M

(2015) Transformation of Mg Bearing ACC to Mg-Calcite Traced by 18/16O and Clumped Isotopes
Dietzel M, Purgstaller B, Mavromatis V, Immenhauser A, Leis A & Kluge T

(2015) Why are Sedimentary Dolomites Disordered and Metastable?
Baldermann A, Deditius AP, Dietzel M, Fichtner V, Fischer C, Hippler D, Leis A, Nickel C, Mavromatis V & Strauss H

(2015) Magnesium Isotope Composition of Recent Sabkha Pore Fluids and Stoichiometric Dolomites (UAE)
Immenhauser A, Geske A, Lokier S, Dietzel M, Richter D & Buhl D

(2015) A FTIR and Raman Spectroscopic Study on Sedimentary Apatites from the PC-C Boundary: A Case Study on Central and South Asian Phosphorites
Stammeier JA, Konrad F, Hippler D & Dietzel M

(2015) A New Look at the Thermodynamic Control of the Isotope Composition of Mg and Zn in Calcite
Mavromatis V, Gonzalez AG, Fujii T, Baldermann A, Dietzel M & Schott J

(2015) Spatio-Temporal Monitoring of Ikaite (CaCO3.6H2O) Crystallization in a Man-Made River Section
Boch R, Dietzel M, Reichl P, Leis A, Pölt P & Baldermann A

(2014) Si Isotope Fractionation Factors for Polymerization and for Fast Attachment onto Si-Al Surfaces
Oelze M, von Blanckenburg F, Bouchez J, Hoellen D & Dietzel M

(2013) Calcium and Oxygen Isotope Fractionation during Precipitation of Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs
Niedermayr A, Eisenhauer A, Böhm F, Kisakürek B, Balzer I, Immenhauser A, Köhler SJ & Dietzel M

(2013) Chemical and Isotopic Composition of Soil Solutions from Cambisols in Styria (Austria) – Seasonality, Evaporation and Interstitial Distribution
Schön W, Dietzel M & Leis A

(2013) Alteration at Bentonite-Cement Interfaces – An Experimental Approach
Nickel C, Baldermann A, Dietzel M, Grathoff G & Warr LN

(2013) Evaluation of Kinetic Effect on Clumped Isotope Fractionation (Δ47) during Inorganic Calcite Precipitation
Tang J, Rosenheim B, Dietzel M & Fernandez A

(2013) Barium Stable Isotope Fractionation during Diffusion Through Silica Hydrogel: Experimental Determination of Kinetic Isotope Effects at Low Temperatures
Moeller K, Nägler TF, Dietzel M & Böttcher ME

(2013) Cyclic Dolomitization of Limestone at Oker (Germany)
Baldermann A, Deditius AP, Stickler CP, Leis A & Dietzel M

(2013) Sr2+ and Mn2+ Incorporation during CaCO3 Cementation on Calcitic and Aragonitic Shells
Rinder T, Dietzel M & Deditius A

(2013) Rate Dependence of 44Ca/40Ca Fractionation during Inorganic Aragonite Precipitation from Seawater
Fruchter N, Eisenhauer A, Dietzel M, Erez J, Boehm F, Fietzke J & Niedermayr A

(2013) Calcium Carbonate Precipitation by CO2 Uptake in Alkaline Solutions
Purgstaller B, Niedermayr A & Dietzel M

(2012) On the Competition between Kinetic and Equilibrium Isotope Fractionation during Low-T Silica Precipitation
Oelze M, von Blanckenburg F, Hoellen D, Dietzel M & Bouchez J

(2011) Strontium Isotope Fractionation in Scleractinian Corals
Fruchter N, Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Dietzel M, Krabbenhöft A, Niedermayr A, Reynaud S, Lazar B & Stein M

(2011) Formation and Inhibition of Calcite, Aragonite and Vaterite
Niedermayr A, Dietzel M & Köhler S

(2011) Hydrothermal Alteration of Diatomite for the Fixation of Heavy Metal Ions
Höllen D, Grunert P, Klammer D & Dietzel M

(2011) Si Isotope Fractionation during Precipitation of Silica by Cyclic Freezing and Adsorption of Monosilicic Acid on Gibbsite
Oelze M, von Blanckenburg F, Höllen D & Dietzel M

(2010) Precipitation Kinetics of Cerussite and Hydrocerussite in the Presence of Biogenic Carbonates
Cubillas P, Bucca M, Anderson M, Latal C, Dietzel M & Kohler S

(2010) Towards a New Proxy for Holocene Climate Change: Magnesium-Isotope Fractionation during Low-Mg Calcite Precipitation in a Limestone Cave
Immenhauser A, Buhl D, Richter D, Niedermayr A, Riechelmann D, Dietzel M & Schulte U

(2009) Mg-, Sr-Incorporation and Calcium Isotopic Fractionation during Calcium Carbonate Precipitation
Niedermayr A, Dietzel M, Köhler SJ, Kisakürek B, Böhm F & Eisenhauer A

(2009) Magnesium Isotope Fractionation in Inorganic and Biogenic Calcite
Kisakurek B, Niedermayr A, Muller M, Taubner I, Eisenhauer A, Dietzel M, Buhl D, Fietzke J & Erez J

(2009) Multi Proxy Approach for the Formation of Calcium Carbonates in Alkaline Man-Made Environments
Rinder T, Dietzel M, Koehler S & Leis A

(2009) Magnesium-Isotope Fractionation in a Monitored Limestone Cave
Buhl D, Immenhauser A, Richter D, Schulte U, Dietzel M, Riechelmann D & Niedermayr A

(2008) The Application of Natural Divalent Cation Isotope (Ca, Sr, Mg) Fractionation (DCIF) in Earth System Research
Eisenhauer A, Böhm F, Fietzke J, Liebetrau V, Amini M, Kisakürek B, Heuser A, Tang J & Dietzel M

(2007) Co-precipitation of Sr2+ with Calcite from 5 to 40℃
Tang J, Dietzel M & Köhler S

(2007) Historical Carbonate Mortar and Plaster – Proxies for Ancient Environments
Kosednar-Legenstein B, Dietzel M, Leis A, Stingl K & Baumgartner M

(2004) Impact of Cyclic Freezing on Precipitation of Silica in Me-SiO2-H2O Systems and Geochemical Implications for Cryosoils and – Sediments
Dietzel M

(2002) Precipitation of Aragonite by Membrane Diffusion of Gaseous CO2 and the Coprecipitation of Sr2+ and Ba2+ (10? To 50?C)
Dietzel M, Gussone N & Eisenhauer A

(2002) Fractionation of 44Ca/40Ca between Aragonite and Calcite
Böhm F, Eisenhauer A, Gussone N, Heuser A, Haase-Schramm A & Dietzel M

(2002) Kinetic Effects on Calcium Isotope (δ44Ca) Fractionation in Calcium Carbonate
Eisenhauer A, Gussone N, Dietzel M, Heuser A, Bock B & Böhm F

(2001) Formation and Stability of Polymeric Al-Si-Complexes
Dietzel M

(2000) Dissolution of Gibbsite in Open and Closed Systems: Experimental Data and a New Kinetic Approach
Dietzel M & Böhme G

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