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All abstracts by Tim Elliott in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Ni Stable Isotope Fractionation during Core Crystallization
Zhu K, Ni P, Chabot NL & Elliott T

(2023) Presolar Sources of Bulk Chondrite Variability in Titanium Isotopes: Evidence from in situ Measurements
Shaw KMM, Coath CD & Elliott T

(2023) Fe-Mg Inter-Diffusion Drives the Isotope Fractionation in Basalt
Liu X, Hin RC, Coath CD & Elliott T

(2023) The Influence of Crustal Recycling on the Molybdenum Isotope Composition of the Earth’s Mantle
Hin RC, Hibbert KEH, Chen S, Willbold M, Andersen MB, Kiseeva K, Wood BJ, Niu Y, Sims KW & Elliott T

(2023) Origin of Enriched Mid-Ocean Ridge Basalts: A Perspective from Uranium and Molybdenum Isotope Ratios
Rodney JB, Andersen MB, Murton B & Elliott T

(2023) ‘Gold Standard Data’; Using Collision Cell Approaches to Improve the Fidelity of Detection for Particle Transient Signals in (MC)-ICPMS/MS
Lewis J, Duffin AM, Mannino MA, Wood LS, Carman AJ, Eiden GC, Coath CD & Elliott T

(2022) Erg Chech 002 Crystallized at 4566.6 ±0.6 Ma Dated by 53Mn-53Cr Chronometry
Zhu K, Becker H, Li S-J, Liu X-N & Elliott T

(2022) The Volatile Content of Heterogeneous Intraplate Mantle Source Reservoirs: Insights from a Global Dataset of Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusion Compositions
Walowski K, Kirstein L, De Hoog C-J & Elliott T

(2022) Probing the Lower Mantle with High-Precision Si and Mg Isotope Data
Liu X, Hin RC, Klaver M, Coath CD & Elliott T

(2022) Potassium Isotopic Compositions of Mariana Arc Lavas and Implications for K Recycling
Rodney J, Patel R, Tacail T, Lewis J, Andersen MB & Elliott T

(2022) Evolution of in situ Rb/Sr by LA-MC-ICP-MS/MS: From Proteus to Neoma MS/MS
Craig G, Bevan D, Roberts J, Bouman C, Lloyd N, Wehrs H, Elliott T & Schwieters J

(2022) Behavior of Stable Tungsten Isotopes on the Earth’s Surface
Yang R, Li T, Stubbs D, Chen T, Liu S, Kemp DB, Li W, Yang S, Chen J, Elliott T, Dellwig O, Chen J & Li G

(2022) The K Isotope Composition of Göttingen Minipig Brain Regions and Implication for Alzheimer’s Disease
Mahan B, Tacail T, Lewis J, Elliott T, Turner S, Chung R & Moynier F

(2022) Stable Tungsten Isotopic Composition of Seawater over the Past 80 Million Years
Li G, Yang R, Stubbs D, Elliott T, Li T, Chen T, Paytan A, Kemp DB, Ling H-F, Chen J, Hein JR & Coath CD

(2021) Going in the Udder Direction: Trophic Spacing, Mobility and Weaning Assessed Through Stable Ca and Sr Isotopes in Cattle
Lewis J, Luu T-H, Bevan D, Kendall IP, Lee MRF, Evershed RP & Elliott T

(2021) Potassium Isotope Homeostasis in Vertebrates: A Feeding Experiment
Tacail T, Lewis J, Tütken T, Coath CD, Lloyd N, Clauss M & Elliott T

(2021) High Resolution Sulfur Isotopes from Ice Cores: New Techniques and Improved Estimates of the Volcanic Forcing of Climate
Burke A, Innes HM, Sigl M, McConnell J, Steele R, Rae JWB, Coath CD, Lewis J & Elliott T

(2021) Magnesium Isotope Fractionation during Mantle Partial Melting
Liu X, Hin R, Coath CD & Elliott T

(2021) Benchmarking Analysis of δ11B in Low B Mid Ocean Ridge Basalt (MORB) Volcanic Glasses
Paul AN, Stewart J, Agostini S, Kirstein L, De Hoog J, Savov I, Walowski K, Rae JWB & Elliott T

(2021)238U Variation in Ancient Altered Mafic Oceanic Crust
Rodney J, Stubbs D, Lissenberg J, Gianola O, Andersen MB & Elliott T

(2021) Constraining the Tectonic Setting of Continental Crust Formation from Coupled in situ Rb-Sr Dating and Pb Isotopic Analysis of Detrital, Single K-Feldspar Grains
Bevan D, Coath CD, Lewis J, Stubbs D, Rodney J, Schwieters J, Lloyd N, Craig G & Elliott T

(2021) Project Vienna – Prospects for a Novel Pre-Cell Mass Filter for MC-ICP-MS/MS Using the Example of Mass-Shifted Titanium
Pfeifer M, Craig G, Wehrs H, Elliott T & Schwieters J

(2021) The Proteus Perspective: New Capabilities of Mass-Filter, Collision Cell, Multi-Collector Inductively- Coupled Mass-Spectrometry (CC-Mc-ICPMS/MS)
Elliott T, Bevan D, Coath CD, Lewis J, Shaw KMM, Luu T-H, Craig G, Lloyd N, Pfeifer M, Wehrs H & Schwieters J

(2020) Potassium Stable Isotope Homeostasis in Vertebrates
Tacail T, Lewis J, Tütken T, Coath CD, Lloyd N, Clauss M & Elliott T

(2020) Thank F for Ca: Novel Methods for Measuring Ca Isotopes in Biomedical Samples with Collision Cell MC-ICPMS
Lewis J, Coath CD, Heuser A, Eisenhauer A, Schwieters JB & Elliott T

(2020) Timing the Oxygenation of the Deep Oceans Using δ238U
Rodney J, Stubbs D, Lissenberg J, Andersen M & Elliott T

(2020) In situ Titanium Isotope Measurements and the Search for the Source of Nucleosynthetic Anomalies in Bulk Chondrites
Shaw KMM, Pfeifer M, Coath CD, Parkinson IJ & Elliott T

(2020) Detrital K-Feldspar Geochronology by Collision Cell MC-ICPMS/MS
Bevan D, Coath C, Lewis J, Schwieters J, Lloyd N, Craig G & Elliott T

(2020) Excess 182W Preserved in Archean Crust from the Yilgarn Craton, Western Australia
Stubbs D, Kemp A & Elliott T

(2020) Coupled Trace Element and Sr-Nd-(Pb) Isotopes in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from the Mariana Arc
Koornneef J, Nikogosian I, Luciani N, Bracco Gartner A, Elliott T & Davies G

(2020) Tungsten Isotope Constraints on the Cenozoic Sulfur Cycle
Yang R, Elliott T, Chen T, Paytan A, Kemp DB, Li T, Ling H, Chen J, Hein JR, Coath C, Stubbs D & Li G

(2019) High Precision Ca Isotope Measurements by Collision Cell MC-ICPMS
Luu T-H, Lewis J, Coath C & Elliott T

(2019) Tungsten in Mariana Arc Basalts: Evidence for Mobility and Isotopic Fractionation during Subduction
Stubbs D, Coath C & Elliott T

(2019) Measuring Geological and Biological Potassium Stable Isotope Ratios with Proteus Collision Cell MC-ICP-MS
Tacail T, Lewis J, Coath CD, Lloyd NS, Schwieters J & Elliott T

(2019) A Core Formation Ni Isotope Signature in Earth’s Mantle
Klaver M, Ionov D, Takazawa E & Elliott T

(2019) Tracing Subduction Zone Fluids in Izu Arc Lavas Using Molybdenum Isotopes
Villalobos-Orchard J, Freymuth H, O'Driscoll B, Elliott T, Williams H, Casalini M & Willbold M

(2019) In situ Rb-Sr Dating Using Collision Cell MC-ICP-MS
Bevan D, Coath C, Lewis J, Schwieters J, Lloyd N, Craig G & Elliott T

(2019) Molybdenum Isotope Systematics of Exhumed Oceanic Crust as a Probe of Slab Dehydration
Chen S, Hin R, John T, Brooker R, Bryan B, Niu Y & Elliott T

(2019) What do Boron Isotopes Tell us About Mantle Heterogeneity?
Walowski K, Linda K, de Hoog CJ, Elliott T, Savov I & Jones R

(2019) Magnesium Isotope Fractionation in Arc Lavas Caused by Magmatic Differentiation
Liu X, Hin R, Elliott T, van Soest M & Coath C

(2019) The Effect of Valence and Coordination on Mo Isotope Fractionation between Metal and Silicate
Hin RC, Burnham AD, Gianolio D, Walter MJ & Elliott T

(2019) The Pb Cycle in 3D Numerical Geodynamic Models
Panton J, Davies JH, Elliott T, Anderson M & Price M

(2019) In situ Titanium Isotope Measurements in Meteorites Using the Collision Cell MC-ICPMS, Proteus
Pfeifer M, Lewis J, Coath CD, Schwieters J & Elliott T

(2019) Ca Isotope Systematics of the Moon
Lewis J, Klaver M, Luu T-H, Hin R, Anand M, Schwieters J & Elliott T

(2018) The Right Tool for the I-129 Job: can Triple Quad ICPMS or Collision Cell MC-ICPMS (Proteus) Address Limitations of AMS and TIMS?
Arnquist I, Eiden G, Lewis J, Coath C, Wehrs H, Schwieters J & Elliott T

(2018) Detrital Chromite from Jack Hills: Clarifying the Zircon Record
Staddon L, Parkinson I, Horstwood M & Elliott T

(2018) Magnesium Isotope Evidence that Accretional Vapour Loss Shapes Planetary Compositions
Hin RC, Coath CD, Carter PJ, Nimmo F, Lai Y-J, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, Willbold M, Leinhardt ZM, Walter MJ & Elliott T

(2018) Refining B Separation Protocols for Silicate Rock Samples and Probing Mantle Composition Using B Isotopes
Paul AN, Kirstein L, Savov I, de Hoog C-J & Elliott T

(2016) Tracing the “Slab Component” in Arc Lavas Using Ce/Mo
Skora S, Freymuth H, Blundy J, Elliott T & Guillong M

(2016) Mo Isotope Evidence for Melting of Subducted Sediments beneath the Lesser Antilles Arc
Freymuth H, Van Soest M, Skora S & Elliott T

(2016) In situ Isotopic Analyses Using a New Generation Collision Cell Mass Spectrometry
Chen H-W, Lewis J, Coath C, Schwieters J, Tomkinson T & Elliott T

(2016) A Unique Instrumental Approach for Enhanced Specificity in MC-Ic-Pms
Schwieters J, Elliott T, Coath C, Lewis J, Wehrs H & Lloyd NS

(2016) A Double-Spike Tracer Method for Isotopic Analysis of Three-Isotope Systems by MC-ICPMS
Coath C, Hin R & Elliott T

(2016) Probing Heterogeneity in the Mantle with Boron Isotopes in OIB
Kirstein L, Walowski K, de Hoog C-J, Elliott T & Savov I

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