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All abstracts by Christoph Gerber in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Noble Gases from Fluid Inclusions in the Hiltaba Suite Granite, South Australia
Wilske C, Suckow AO, Gerber C, Deslandes A, Crane P, Bourdet J, Delle Piane C, Spooner N & Mallants D

(2022) Quantifying Recharge to the Pilliga Sandstone Aquifer, Great Artesian Basin Australia: Learnings from Combining 14C, 36Cl and 81Kr
Suckow AO, Raiber M, Deslandes A, Gerber C, Martinez J, Yang G-M, Jiang W & Meredith K

(2021) Contradicting Groundwater Tracer Results in a Large Karst Aquifer in Northern Australia Reveal Recharge Processes, Regional Flow Patterns and Origin of Culturally Important Springs
Suckow AO, Deslandes A, Gerber C, Wilske C, Lamontagne S, Yang G-M, Jiang W, Lambrinidis D & Duvert C

(2021) Fluid Inclusions in Minerals of the Deep Crust – Investigations with the New High Vacuum Crushing System at the CSIRO Noble Gas Facility
Wilske C, Suckow AO, Deslandes A, Crane P, Gerber C, Spooner N & Mallants D

(2019) A Multi-Tracer Study on Groundwater Flow and Impacts of Regional Development and Climate Change in a Sedimentary Multi-Aquifer System: Peel Region, Western Australia
Gerber C, Deslandes A, Wilske C, Barron O & Suckow A

(2016) Using Isotopic Data for the Calibration of a Coupled Surface Water-Groundwater Model
Schilling OS, Partington D, Gerber C, Purtschert R, Kipfer R, Hunkeler D & Brunner P

(2015) The Influence of Groundwater Abstraction on Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions in the Emmental
Schilling O, Gerber C, Purtschert R, Kipfer R, Hunkeler D & Brunner P

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