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All abstracts by Katharine Hendry in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Species-Specific Diatom Silicon Isotopes from the Benguela Upwelling System over the Late Quaternary
Hendry K & Romero O

(2019) Disentangling Marine Sedimentary Signals in Reactive Silicon Pools Using Stable Isotopes
Pickering RA, Cassarino L, Hendry KR & Krause JW

(2019) Biogeochemical Weathering and Riverine Nutrient Export during Glacier Retreat
Wadham JL, Hawkings J, Pryer H, Robinson LF, Hendry K, Daneri G, Lamarche-Gagnon G, Holt A, Ward R, Stibal M & Kohler T

(2019) Tracing Lithogenic Fluxes at the South-West Greenland Margin Using Dissolved 232Th and 230Th
Rowland GH, Robinson LF, Hendry KR, Annet AL, Li T & Ng HC

(2019) Quantifying Benthic-Pelagic Coupling in the Changing Arctic Barents Sea
Sales de Freitas F, Ward J, Stevenson M, Abbott G, Henley S, Faust J, Tessin A, Solan M, März C, Hendry K & Arndt S

(2019) Radium Isotopes to Distinguish Sedimentary and Glacial Sources of (Micro)nutrients
Annett A, Hendry K, Williams J, Sherrell R, Hatton J, Ward R, Woodward M, Roccanova V & Bu K

(2019) Sedimentary Nutrient Supply in Productive Hotspots off the West Antarctic Peninsula Revealed by Silicon Isotopes
Cassarino L, Hendry K, Henley S, MacDonald E, Arndt S, Sales de Freitas F, Pike J & Firing Y

(2019) The Influence of Glacier Cover on Trace Metal Input and Cycling in Patagonian Fjords
Hawkings J, Sherrell R, Conway T, Wadham J, Hendry K, Pryer H, Daneri G, Torres R, Bertrand S, Kellerman A, Marshall M, Beaton A, Ng HC, Roccanova V, Bu R, Summers B, Benning L & Spencer R

(2019) Benthic Silica Dynamics in the Northern High Latitudes: A Pore Water and Reaction-Transport Model Study
Ward J, Freitas F, Ng HC, Cassarino L, Hendry K, Arndt S & Maerz C

(2019) Glacial Cover Affects Nutrient Fluxes from Rivers in Chilean Patagonia
Pryer H, Wadham J, Hawkings J, Robinson L, Hendry K, Marshall M, Yates C & Hatton J

(2019) Nutrient Exchange at the Changing Arctic Ocean Seafloor and Implications for the Water Column
Henley S, Faust J, Stevenson M, Tessin A, Hendry K & Maerz C

(2018) Silicon Isotopes in Patagonian Rivers: Investigating How Variable Glacial Cover Affects the Biogeochemical Cycling of Silicon
Pryer H, Wadham J, Hendry K, Robinson L, Hawkings J, Ward J & Hatton J

(2018) An Interrogation into Subglacial Processes to Investigate the Variation of Silicon Isotope Composition of Glacial Meltwaters
Hatton J, Hendry K, Hawkings J, Wadham J, Kohler T & Stibal M

(2016) Isotopes in Spicules: Delving into Deep-Sea Archives of Marine Silicon Cycling
Hendry K

(2016) Barium Isotopes Reveal Role of Ocean Mixing on Ba Cycling in the Atlantic
Hendry K, Bates S, Pryer H, Robinson L & Horner T

(2016) Oceanic Distribution of Dissolved Silica Through the Paleogene
Fontorbe G, Frings PJ, De La Rocha CL, Hendry KR & Conley DJ

(2015) Ba/Ca Ratios in Benthic Foraminifera: Species Offsets, Down-Core Preservation and the Effect of Cleaning
Bates S, Hendry K & Lear C

(2015) Silicon Isotopes in Biogenic Opal as a Window into Modern and Ancient Oceans
Hendry K

(2015) Diatoms, Sea Ice, and Sediment Fluxes: Relative Controls on Barium Cycling in the Southern Ocean
Pyle K, Hendry K, Hall I, Sherrell R & Meredith M

(2015) Glaciers as a Missing Source of Silicon to the World's Oceans
Hawkings J, Wadham J, Tranter M, Benning LG, Tedstone A, Nienow P & Hendry K

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