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All abstracts by Jon Hawkings in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Investigating the Lability and Carbon Complexation of Glacially-Derived Iron Particulates at the West Antarctic Peninsula
Jones R, Hawkings J, Araki T, Kazemian M, Kaulich B, Lohan M & Annett A

(2023) The Geochemical Impact of Glaciation on the Beerenberg Stratovolcano, Jan Mayen
Graly J, Hawkings J, Engen S, King H & Yde J

(2021) Updating the Biogeochemical Cycle of Silicon in the Modern Ocean
Tr├ęguer PJ, Sutton JN, Mark B, Charette M, Devries T, Dutkiewicz S, Ehlert C, Hawkings J, Leynaert A, Liu SM, Llopis Monferrer N, Lopez-Acosta M, Maldonado M, Rahman S, Ran L & Rouxel O

(2021) The Role of Glaciogenic Sediments in the Supply of Nutrient Silicon to High-Latitude Fjords and Ocean
Ng HC, Hawkings J & Hendry KR

(2021) A Ferrous Wheel beneath the Antarctic Ice Sheet
Hawkings J, Skidmore M, Priscu J, Shoenfelt Troein E, Davis C, Christner B, Kim O-S, Sieber M, Conway T, Gardner C, Vick-Majors T, Michaud A, Tranter M, Benning LG & Spencer R

(2019) Biogeochemical Weathering and Riverine Nutrient Export during Glacier Retreat
Wadham JL, Hawkings J, Pryer H, Robinson LF, Hendry K, Daneri G, Lamarche-Gagnon G, Holt A, Ward R, Stibal M & Kohler T

(2019) Molecular Signatures of Dissolved Organic Matter in a Changing Arctic
Kellerman A, Vonk J, Humayun M, McColaugh S, Winden E, Hawkings J & Spencer R

(2018) Silicon Isotopes in Patagonian Rivers: Investigating How Variable Glacial Cover Affects the Biogeochemical Cycling of Silicon
Pryer H, Wadham J, Hendry K, Robinson L, Hawkings J, Ward J & Hatton J

(2018) An Interrogation into Subglacial Processes to Investigate the Variation of Silicon Isotope Composition of Glacial Meltwaters
Hatton J, Hendry K, Hawkings J, Wadham J, Kohler T & Stibal M

(2017) New Adventures in Marine Silicon Isotope Studies
Hendry K, Cassarino L, Hatton J, Ward J, Hawkings J, Ng HC, Wadham J, Coath C & Robinson L

(2017) Subglacial Weathering Controls Silicon Isotope Composition of Greenland Ice Sheet Meltwaters
Hatton J, Hawkings J, Hendry K, Wadham J, Kohler T, Stibal M, Beaton A, Bagshaw E & Lamarche-Gagnon G

(2015) Glaciers as a Missing Source of Silicon to the World's Oceans
Hawkings J, Wadham J, Tranter M, Benning LG, Tedstone A, Nienow P & Hendry K

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