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All abstracts by Bernhard Dold in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) REE Enrichment in the Karst Bauxites of Sierra de Bahoruco (Dominican Republic)
Villanova-De-Benavent C, Proenza JA, Aiglsperger T, Abat LT, Domènech C, Rodríguez J, Ramírez A & Dold B

(2019) Reductive Dissolution of Magnetite from Iron Mine Tailings: Potential Impacts in Coastal Environments
Palau J, Benaiges R, Offeddu F, Urmeneta J, Soler J, Cama J & Dold B

(2019) Reductive Dissolution of Fe(III) Oxides by Shewanella Loihica Under Submarine Tailings Disposal Conditions
Benaiges-Fernandez R, Palau J, Offedu FG, Cama J, Urmeneta J, Soler J & Dold B

(2019) The Genesis of Exótica, Chuquicamata, Chile
Pinget M-C, Dold B & Fontboté L

(2019) Sourcing of Critical Elements and Industrial Minerals from Mine Waste to Solve the Mine Waste Problem
Dold B

(2017) Dynamics of Arsenic in Pozuelos Basin, Central Andes, Argentina
Murray J, Nordstrom DK, Dold B & Kirschbaum A

(2017) Fe and Cu Isotope Fractionation in Acidic Mine Tailings: Modification and Application of a Sequential Extraction Method
Roebbert Y, Rabe K, Lazarov M, Schippers A, Dold B & Weyer S

(2016) Evolution of a Peraluminous REE Enriched Garnet Granite Towards a World Class HREE Enriched Ion-Exchange Deposit, Penco, Chile
Dold B, Belmar A, Marquardt M & Albornoz A

(2015) The Importance Mineralogy and Geochemistry in Biomining
Dold B

(2013) Metal Mobilization by Iron- and Sulfur-Oxidizing Bacteria in a Multiple Extreme Mine Tailings in the Atacama Desert, Chile
Korehi H, Blöthe M, Sitnikova MA, Dold B & Schippers A

(2013) Zinc Melanterite Formation from Acid Mine Drainage in Pan de Azúcar Mine (Zn-Pb-Ag), Northwest Argentina
Murray J, Kirschbaum A & Dold B

(2013) Acid Rock Drainage in Antarctica – Importance for Global Iron Cycling in the Southern Ocean
Dold B, Gonzalez-Toril E, Aguilera A, Lopez-Pamo E, Cisternas ME & Amils R

(2008) Tailings Deposition in Hyper-Arid Climate: Stable Isotopes as Tracer of Geochemical and Mixing Processes
Smuda JG, Spangenberg JE & Dold B

(2008) Geochemical Evolution of Marine Shore Mine Tailings in an Hyperarid Climate
Bea Jofré SA, Ayora C, Carrera J & Dold B

(2006) Stable Isotope Composition of Waters from Porphyry Copper Mine Tailings in Different Climatic Environments, Chile
Spangenberg JE, Dold B, Vogt M-L & Pfeifer H-R

(2006) Tracing Water and Dissolved Sulfate Sources in Active Mine Tailings Using S, H and O Isotopes
Smuda J, Spangenberg JE & Dold B

(2004) Hydrogeochemistry of the Active Tailings Impoundment Talabre, Chuquicamata, Chile
Dold B, Vogt M, Spangenberg J & Kobek M

(2002) Study of Water-Soluble Sulfates in Tailings Profiles from Porphyry Copper Deposits by Sulfur and Oxygen Isotopes
Dold B & Spangenberg JE

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