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All abstracts by David Dolejš in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Thermodynamic Model for Aqueous Solutes in Low-Density Fluids: Critical Assessment of Quartz Solubility
Salomone F & Dolejš D

(2021) Thermodynamic Models for Aqueous Solutes to Very High Temperatures and Pressures
Dolejs D

(2017) Geothermobarometry Revisited: Towards Correct and Consistent Transformation between Natural Multicomponent Data and Simple Thermodynamic Models
Dolejs D

(2015) Lifestyles of Magma Chambers: Towards Dynamic Typology and Interpretations of Plutons
Špillar V & Dolejš D

(2015) Equations of State for Aqueous Solutes over Wide Range of Pressure, Temperature, and Concentration
Dolejs D

(2013) Origin of Curved CSDs: Heterogeneous Nucleation of Crystals in Crystallizing Magmas
Špillar V & Dolejš D

(2013) Fluid Flow and Mineral Reaction Mechanisms at High Pressures: Tauern Window, Eastern Alps
Sulak M & Dolejs D

(2013) Estimating Fluid Fluxes from Equilibrium Properties and Transport Theory: Pitfalls and Solutions
Dolejs D

(2013) Mineral-Fluid Interactions and Time-Integrated Fluxes in Tin-Bearing Greisens, Krušné Hory (Erzgebirge) Mts., Central Europe
Hermanska M & Dolejš D

(2011) Evidence for Subduction History Recorded by Mineral Inclusions in High-Grade Metamorphics of the Modanubian Zone, Central Europe
Faryad SW, Lexa O, Racek M, Dolejš D & Jedlička R

(2011) Geochemistry of Lamprophyres in Rare-Metal Districts Related to Granitoids
Stemprok M, Seifert T & Dolejs D

(2011) Rates of Crystal Nucleation and Growth from Inversion of Natural Crystal Size Distributions
Špillar V & Dolejš D

(2011) Mineral Assemblages and Metamorphic History of Granulites in the Rychleby Mts., Bohemian Massif
Schlöglová K, Faryad SW, Dolejš D & Klápová H

(2011) Solubility of Fluorine and Chlorine in Nominally Anhydrous Mantle Minerals: Implications for Mantle Metasomatism and Arc Magmas
Bernini D, Dolejs D, de Koker N, Audetat A, Keppler H & Wiedenbeck M

(2011) Reactive Fluid Flow and Time-Integrated Fluxes in an Upper Crustal Magmatic-Hydrothermal System, Krušné Hory Mts., Central Europe
Hermanska M & Dolejs D

(2011) The System SiO2-H2O Revisited: Equation of State to Very High Temperatures and Pressures Including Critical Behavior
Šulák M & Dolejš D

(2009) Halogens in Silicic Magmas, from the Upper Mantle to the Crust
Dolejs D & Stagno V

(2009) The Distribution of Halogens between Fluids and Upper-Mantle Minerals
Bernini D, Dolejš D & Keppler H

(2007) Thermodynamic Model for the Simultaneous Exsolution of Two Fluids from Silicic Magmas
Dolejs D

(2002) Magmatic Anhydrite in the Cu-Porphyry-Related Magma at Santa Rita, New Mexico (U.S.A.)
Audétat A, Pettke T, Dolejs D & Bodnar RJ

(2002) Boron Partitioning in the haplogranite-NaCl-H2O System at 800C and 100 MPa
Schatz OJ, Dolejs D, Stix J, Williams-Jones AE & Layne GD

(2002) Melting Equilibria of F-Bearing Silicic Magmas: An Experimental Study
Dolejs D & Baker DR

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