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All abstracts by Claudio Inguaggiato in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Rare Earth Elements Behavior at Poás Hyperacid Crater Lake (Costa Rica) during a Cycle of Frequent Phreatic Eruptions (2008-2016)
Pappaterra S, Inguaggiato C, Rouwet D, Mora-Amador R, Ramírez-Umaña C, González G, Brusca L, Peiffer L, Levresse G & Bellomo S

(2022) REE Mobility in the Hyperacid Brine of Kawah Ijen Crater Lake (Java, Indonesia) during the Precipitation of Sulfate Minerals
Inguaggiato C, Pappaterra S, Peiffer L, Apollaro C, Brusca L, De Rosa R, Rouwet D, Caudron C & Suparjan S

(2022) Behavior of Amagmatic Geothermal Systems: A Geochemical and Geophysical Study of the Agua Blanca Fault, Baja California, Mexico
Carbajal D, Wanner C, Peiffer L, Diamond LW, Fletcher J & Inguaggiato C

(2022) Pygeot: A Tool to Automate Mineral Selection for Multicomponent Geothermometry
Olguín-Martínez MG, Peiffer L, Dobson P, Spycher N, Inguaggiato C, Wanner C, Hoyos AY, Wurl J, Makovsky K & Ruiz-Aguilar D

(2019) REE Fractionation in Hyperacid Sulphate Waters during the Gypsum Precipitation in Volcanic Hydrothermal Systems
Inguaggiato C, Iñiguez E, Peiffer L, Kretzschmar T, Brusca L, Mora-Amador R, Ramirez C, Bellomo S, Gonzalez G & Rouwet D

(2017) Behavior of REE in Superficial Saline Waters: A Peculiar Example in South-Central Sicily
Sposito F, Censi P, Inguaggiato S, Zuddas P & Inguaggiato C

(2017) Geochemical Characterization of Dissolved Noble Gases in Thermal Springs in the Betic Cordillera (Spain)
Lix C, Zuddas P, Inguaggiato C, Guichet X & Barbier M

(2016) Geochemistry of REE in Hyperacid and Hypersaline Waters in Hydrothermal Systems
Inguaggiato C, Censi P, D'Alessandro W & Zuddas P

(2016) Zr, Hf and REE Behaviour during Halite Crystallisation
Censi P, Inguaggiato C, Zuddas P & Censi V

(2015) Water-Rock Interaction in Pantelleria Hydrothermal System (Italy). The Behaviour of Zr, Hf and REE
Inguaggiato C, Censi P, Zuddas P, Brusca L, D'Alessandro W & Pecoraino G

(2015) Zr, Hf and REE Behaviour in River Waters. A Consequence of Dissolution of Fe-Oxyhydroxides and Evaporites
Censi P, Inguaggiato C, Zuddas P, Sposito F & Inguaggiato S

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