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All abstracts by Ana Kolevica in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Seawater Stable Strontium Isotope Fluctuations over Glacial/Interglacial Cycles
Wood M, Kolevica A, Eisenhauer A, Hain M, Ridgewell A, Griffith EM & Paytan A

(2020) Towards a New Class of Medical Biomarkers – Stable Calcium Isotopes, Osteoporosis and Beyond
Eisenhauer A, Müller M, Heuser A, Kolevica A, Laue C, Shroff R & Jürgen S

(2020) Stable Calcium Isotopes: A Novel Biomarker of Bone Mineralization in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease
Shroff R, Kolevica A, Heuser A, Lalayiannis A, Fischer D-C & Eisenhauer A

(2019) Calibration of Stable Strontium Isotopes (δ88/86Sr) with Respect to Salinity and Carbonate Saturation in Lagoon-Estuarine Environments
Shao Y, Farkaš J, Mosley L, Wong H, Samanta M, Tyler J, Holmden C, Gillanders B, Kolevica A & Eisenhauer A

(2018) Origins of a Global Marine Late Silurian C Isotope Excursion: Insights from Stable Metal Isotopes (Ca, Sr, Cr) from Gotland and Prague Basin
Farkas J, Fryda J, Holmden C, Frydova B, Mergl M, Kolevica A, Boehm F & Eisenhauer A

(2017) Testing the Late Silurian Seawater ‘carbonate Hypersaturation’ with Stable Ca, Sr and Cr Isotopes
Farkas J, Fryda J, Holmden C, Kolevica A, Boehm F, Liebetrau V & Eisenhauer A

(2017) Modelling the Mechanisms Controlling d88/86Sr Variations in Coccolithophores
Mejía LM, Paytan A, Eisenhauer A, Böhm F, Kolevica A, Bolton C, Méndez-Vicente A, Abrevaya L, Isensee K & Stoll H

(2015) Constraining the Mechanisms Driving δ44/40Ca Variations in Coccolithophores: A Mixed Culture and Fossil Study Approach
Mejía LM, Paytan A, Eisenhauer A, Kolevica A, Abrevaya L, Bolton C, Méndez-Vicente A, Isensee K, González-Lemos S & Stoll H

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