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All abstracts by Kensei Kobayashi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Prebiotic Chemistry of the Hadean Earth Under the Young Active Sun
Airapetian VS, Jin M, Hu J, Li G, Hayworth B, Kobayashi K, Gronoff G & Kasting J

(2016) Energetics of Amino Acid Formation in Slightly Reducing Atmospheres of Primitive Earth and Titan
Kobayashi K, Abe H, Aoki R, Kebukawa Y, Shibata H, Yoshida S, Shibata H, Kondo K & Oguri Y

(2016) NINS Astrobiology Center Project: The Origin of Terrestrial Bioorganic Homochirality Relevance to Asymmetry of the Universe – Approaches with Synergy Effects of Observations, Experiments and Computations
Takahashi J-I, Katoh M, Tamura M, Kobayashi K, Umemura M, Kusakabe N, Kwon J, Takashima Y, Hosaka M, Zen H, Matsuo K, Tadokoro D, Kamei Y, Ehara M, Fukuda R, Shiraishi K & Shinojima H

(2016) Evaluating Degradation of Organic Matter in Murchison Meteorite Captured by Aerogel after Hypervelocity Experiments
Okudaira K, Kebukawa Y, Yabuta H, Nakato A, Kilcoyne D, Hasegawa S, Tabata M, Kobayashi K, Yano H & Yamagishi A

(2016) Aqueous Chemistry of Formaldehyde and Ammonia in the Early Solar System
Kebukawa Y, Misawa S, Kawai J, Mita H, Nanbu K, Ouchi T, Muramatsu Y, Yoda I, Tachibana S & Kobayashi K

(2015) Diverse Organic Compounds Possibly Synthesized in Meteorite Parent Bodies with Formaldehyde, Ammonia and Water
Kebukawa Y, Tachibana S, Cody G, Ishikawa Y, Kaneko T & Kobayashi K

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