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All abstracts by Yannick Donnadieu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Circulation and CO2 Impact on Paleocene Oxygenation
Papadomanolaki N-M, Sarr A-C & Donnadieu Y

(2023) Orbital Cycles and Cretaceous Anoxia: Perspectives from Earth System Modelling Approach
Maffre PJ-Y, Sarr A-C & Donnadieu Y

(2022) Simulating Neoproterozoic Climate and Redox Evolution from First Principles Using a Climate-Chemical Model
Mills BJW, Merdith A, Le Hir G, Donnadieu Y & Goddéris Y

(2022) Driving Mechanisms of Phanerozoic Climate
Merdith A, Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y & Mills BJW

(2022) New Constraints on Early Paleozoic Carbon Cycle Balance and Climate Change from Modelling
Markussen Marcilly C, Maffre P, Le Hir G, Pohl A, Fluteau F, Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y, Hatlen Heimdal T & Torsvik TH

(2021) A Simplified Global Vegetation Model for Deep Time
Gurung K, Mills BJW, Batterman S, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Porada P & Field K

(2021) Modelling Weathering, Climate and Biogeochemistry over Phanerozoic Time
Mills BJW, Donnadieu Y & Goddéris Y

(2019) Vigorous Ocean Overturning and its Contribution to Warm Southern Ocean during the Early Eocene in the IPSL Model
Zhang Y, Huck T, Lique C, Donnadieu Y, Ladant J-B & Arzel O

(2018) Simulating the Coupled Response of the Carbon Cycle, Climate and Oceanic Biodiversity to the Onset of the Siberian Traps
Hennequin S, Godderis Y, Le Hir G, Fluteau F, Brayard A, Donnadieu Y, Maffre P & Nardin E

(2017) Ocean Circulation and Biogeochemistry during the Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
Ruvalcaba Baroni I, Pohl A, van Helmond NAGM, Coe A, Cohen A, Donnadieu Y & Slomp CP

(2016) Flat Continents, Weathering, and Climate Regulation
Maffre P, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Ladant J-B, Carretier S, Labat D & Vigier N

(2014) Critical Zone and Carbon Cycle in the Deep Time
Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y & Carretier S

(2014) Archaean pCO2 Reconstructed with a 3D Climate-Carbon Model
Le Hir G, Teitler Y, Fluteau F, Donnadieu Y & Philippot P

(2014) Late Cretaceous Changes in Continental Configuration: Toward a Better Ventilated Ocean?
Donnadieu Y, Puceat E, Moiroud M, Guillocheau F & Deconink J-F

(2013) Early Eocene Climatic Optimum: Numerical Modelling of the Impact of the Neo-Tethys Closure
Bomou B, Hoareau G, Donnadieu Y, Le Hir G & Marquer D

(2013) A Phanerozoic CO2 History Driven by Tectonics
Donnadieu Y, Godderis Y, le hir G, Lefebvre V & Nardin E

(2013) Evolution of Neodymium Isotopic Signature of Seawater during the Late Cretaceous: New Insights on Oceanic Circulation Changes
Moiroud M, Pucéat E, Donnadieu Y, Bayon G & Deconinck J-F

(2013) Coupled Climate-Geochemical Modeling of the Connections between Break-Up of Rodinia, Weathering of Continental Flood Basalts, Snowball Glaciations and the Strontium Cycle
Hubert-Théou L, Cox GC, Le Hir G, Goddéris Y, Donnadieu Y, Halverson GP, Poirier A & Nelson L

(2012) Climate Change: The Future of Continental Weathering
Godderis Y, Beaulieu E, Donnadieu Y, Labat D & Roelandt C

(2011) The Assumption of a Low pCO2 during the Archean Investigated with a 3D Climate Model
Le Hir G, Teitler Y, Fluteau F, Donnadieu Y & Philippot P

(2010) Element Cycling and the Evolution of the Earth System
Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y, Williams J, Roelandt C, Schott J, Pollard D, Pierrehumbert R & Brantley S

(2009) A Model for “Cold-Snap” Episodes Occurring during the Mesozoic
Donnadieu Y, Goddéris Y & Dromart G

(2009) Geochemical Evolution of the Global Ocean during a Mid-Cretaceous OAE: Model Development and Sensitivity Analysis
Arndt S, Regnier P, Donnadieu Y & Godderis Y

(2008) Causal or Casual Link between the Rise of Nannoplankton Calcification and an Abrupt Tectonically-Driven Atmospheric CO2 Decline in the Late Triassic?
Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y, De Vargas C, Pierrehumbert R, Dromart G & van de Schootbrugge B

(2006) A plausible link between the onset of Pangea break-up and the evolution of marine biocalcifiers through changes in atmospheric CO2 and ocean chemistry
Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y, Pierrehumbert R & Jacob R

(2005) Links between Climate, Paleogeography and Silicate Rock Weathering: A Cretaceous vs Present day Comparative Study with the GEOCLIM Model
Godderis Y, Donnadieu Y, Tombozafi M, Pierrehumbert R, Gaillardet J, Kump L & Dupre B

(2004) Modelling Long Term Climatic and Geochemical Consequences of the Karoo-Ferrar Traps Eruption (183 Ma)
Donnadieu Y, Godderis Y, Cecca F, Pierrehumbert R, Ramstein G, Dessert C & Dupré B

(2002) Snowball Earth and Basaltic Traps
Godderis Y, Nedelec A, Donnadieu Y, Francois L, Grard A & Dupre B

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