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All abstracts by Makoto Kimura in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Correlation between Mass Independent Oxygen Isotope Fractionation and Mg# Among Type I Chondrules in Pristine CO Chondrite DOM 08006
Kita NT, Fukuda K, Tenner TJ, Zhang M & Kimura M

(2020) Younger Al-Mg Ages of Chondrules in CO Chondrites Than L/LL Chondrites
Kita N, Fukuda K, Siron G & Kimura M

(2019) Early Condensation History from Two Ultrarefractory Inclusions
Kimura M, Komatsu M, Ushikubo T, Imae N & Yamaguchi A

(2018) Two Distinct Chondrule Generations in Acfer 094 Based on 26Al-Ages and Oxygen Isotope Ratios
Hertwig AT, Kimura M, Ushikubo T, Defouilloy C & Kita NT

(2016) Relationships Among Morphology, Microstructure, and Noble Gas Signatures of Four Itokawa Grains
Noguchi T, Okazaki R, Mitsunari T, Tobimatsu Y, Uesugi M, Yada T, Karouji Y, Hidaka H & Kimura M

(2016) Shock Processes of the Vein and Host in an L6 Chondrite, NWA 8612
Kurauchi S, Kimura M & Fujiya W

(2016) Interactive Evolution of Inorganic and Organic Materials and Water in Comets and Icy Bodies
Nagahara H, Noguchi T, Yabuta H, Itoh S, Sakamoto N, Mitsunari T, Okubo A, Okazaki R, Nakamura T, Tachibana S, Terada K, Ebihara M, Imae N & Kimura M

(2015) Mineralogy and Noble Gas of NWA 8707 L Melt Rock: Implications for Thermal and Shock History of an L Chondrite Parent Body
Mikouchi T, Nagao K & Kimura M

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